Marketing tip

I need some marketing advice on how to gain more attention and also drive in more customers
if anyone could give some advice please and thank you!

Hello and welcome to the forums. Most people on here will be glad to help you out with sage like wisdom and advice. Generally speaking most will want to know a little about you so that they may tailor their response to your individual situation. Don’t think of this site as a drive through, it is more of a drive in.

Maybe give a little background information like what region of the country/world you live, size of your outfit, types of work done etc, etc. Not asking for your life story, just some info to flesh out the details so to speak.

Have a happy new year.

More of a dive in ;>)

Okay well I start my company Hook & Ladder Pressure Washing LLC in Summerville SC USA when I was in the fire department as a second income but then I left there to make this my full time type of jobs I have done are residential & concrete washing I have a 10GPM 400psi trailer mount with soft washing a option I’m trying to expand into doing commercial but I have a lot of issues with marketing so to speak reaching people or drawing them in and of course everyone knows there’s lots of competition out there

Commercial i go in personally and try to talk with decision maker. Offer to do a small demo on concrete and show them what you can do.

Chain stores like Home Depot i figure out which company is in charge of their maintenance and get on their vendor list.


I do very little commercial work. Most of my referrals are through word of mouth. The biggest thing that helped me is doing a good job for a guy at a bargain price and he was so happy he told everyone. He has influence in the community. I guess what I am getting at is that although I beat on a hundred doors and handed out tons of cards, one job with a well known business at a reduced rate got me more work at full price.

Take my story with a grain of salt, I live in the boondocks so people know and talk to one another. I don’t really advertise, well, I did advertise in a local trade rag. Every other small business owner I know says they get a ton of business from that trade rag, I got zero calls. Almost every single restaurant, fast food joint, and grocery store or gas station I went to either had their own employees cleaning their areas or had another company do it. My best lead generator is yard signs, I put them in my yard (I have hundreds of feet of road frontage on a busier road). people still read them even in this era of everything electronic