Marketing push?

Im trying a new marketing approach this coming new year and wanted to get some views on the push time.

What month are you starting to send out your marketing material? Door hangers, post cards ect…

I know some guys that push theirs out in early March, but that seems a little too soon to me.

Im in NJ, so the weather break can greatly vary at times.

Looking forward to some opinions.


Kevin, late March is usually ok, but it depends on the weather. Last March it stayed cold really late so early April would have been better.

Thanks for the response John. I was thinking the same thing.

The last thing you want the potential client to do is just throw the ad in the garbage.

Im thinking you want to hit them up when they begin to wonder around outside their house or deck and realize it looks like $hit.

Hit them up at the right time, and they will think your reading their mind. :slight_smile:

For resi if you can time it for the first really nice weekend when people get out in their yards for the first time, you’ll do well. The idea ​of branding is nice through the year but doesn’t always bear fruit. Strike while the iron is hot for the best results.

Well Said Sir!

That can be tricky, most people don’t respond from the first marketing push, and sometimes not even the second… Some studies say that brand recognition takes place after 3 times… Maybe send one beginning of March, then April as well? Cost obviously plays in but…

I feel like because of the cold, spring would enter much later this year. Just realized how the weather had affected a lot of marketing/advert plans this year…