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I sold a few thousand copies of this book in the past 2 years. Now that I feel like I have sold enough copies I published the entire book online for free.

Although this is “technically geared” towards Window Cleaners… My window cleaning company did tons of pressure washing and rood cleaning so Im sure youll find some of it relvant.

If you have any interest in reading it you can do so here. enjoy -


Thanks @Chris Merry Christmas!

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That is very generous of you.

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I want my $10 back! No I’m kidding this book was really insightful and gave me some good ideas. Loved the part about EDDM and how to narrow down your areas.

The biggest concept from the book that stuck with me the most was that you should try a million different things in small amounts and when you find those one or two things that really work, invest time into those. Don’t dump a lot of money on one single gamble.

I started reading your book @Chris and its great. Is there a way to download the forms that go along with it for free as well?

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This book is gold.

I actually only put out the book copy at this point and not the forms. At the bottom of each chapter, online you’ll see a couple different upgrade options.

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Thanks glad you like it!

Thank you Chris! Happy Holidays!

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@Chris You owe me 5 hours’ sleep. I was a bit restless last night and got up at 2:00. Figured I’d read something dry to put me back to sleep. Finished your excellent book at 7:00. Can’t wait to apply your suggestions. Thanks! (I think, LOL)


I have been reading this and it is awesome. Thank you… Could you e-mail me the marketing research template. and any other useful docs that you would think that would be relevant. I can’t find it and there is no link. I am really intrigued by it. I am just getting started after being in the military for my career. Thank you so much.

Hugo Hugasian

@Nick5011 this is the book I was talking about. Check it out. It’s gold.

I am new here, but as a Window Cleaner and a Pressure Washer who built my own business here is my opinion after a very cursory overview of this book:

If you actually follow the advice in this book, you will waste a lot of time that would be better used by:


The problem is that if you are starting from nothing, you cannot afford to sit at your computer and analyze demographics. It might FEEL like you are accomplishing something, but you are not.

Just go knock on doors. Get some business cards, figure out some basic pricing, get basic equipment and START!!! START NOW! DON’T WAIT!

You can do research and analysis later. Get started, make mistakes, make some money and progress.

It is really cool he made this available for free, and I love his videos, but there is no substitute for simply putting yourself out there. (In fact, that is what will make you stand out! Most people do not have the confidence to just go and start!)

Dan the Window Man


@Chris… Great book. I discovered a few strategies I’m applying tomorrow. Thank you!

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Hi @Chris Chris, how can I get a copy of this? The link doesn’t allow me view or download. Thanks!

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