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Hey guys, I’m just curious as to if any of you have used marketing agencies to increase business for your house, and roof washing companies. If so did it help? If not why? Thanks in advance.

What experience do you have with marketing? If you don’t have much, going to a professional could really give you a boost. I did a graduate program in marketing so I know quite a bit and utilize it on a daily basis.

To be honest I know nothing. I want to learn, so I try to pay as much attention as I can. I’m just not really getting any business, but I know it’s out there. Tons of houses and communities that need it. Just don’t know how to get my name out there. Just curious if it would be worth the money?

Hey - Daniel here. I actually run a Google Advertising company that specializes in advertising for power washing companies focused on house washes, roof cleans, etc. For all of the power washing companies we work with, it is a huge driver of calls and quote requests and can get a huge return on ad spend. Word of mouth can be great but cannot drive the results and consistency that advertising can. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about advertising! I also have a case study I could send over.

Google Ads did nothing for me. I spent a ton of money with zero results with a well known company

Hey Chad - did they make a landing page to send traffic to? You can have the best Google Ad campaign around but won’t get any results if you don’t have an optimized landing page to send that traffic to. This is a mistake we see all too often.

They did. When you go to my website it is still active as the home page actually. Getting ready to cancel it also. Don’t think I need to be paying for that either.

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Hey Chad - a landing page is usually something separate from your actual website. We see better results using landing pages because you can provide more specific/tailored information to what the searcher is looking for.

We usually make different landing pages for each service. If a potential customer types in ‘house washing’ they should see an ad specifically made for ‘house washing’ and be sent to a landing page that only talks about ‘house washing’. They shouldn’t be directed to a homepage of a website that talks about all services offered, because consumers will lose focus and not end up converting (becoming a customer for you).

I think that if you implemented service specific landing pages and fine tuned your Google Ad account, you could see some serious results.