Making sure my mix is right

Im doing my first roof cleaning job this week, just set up my pump and stuff. i wanna makesure this mix is good. i have a 50 gallon tank i was going to use 18 gal 12.5 and 32 water, i have simple cherry but do not know how much to use?

1/2 oz per gallon is a good place to start. Seldom did we ever exceed1 oz per gallon.

Here’s what I would do I would make a 45 gal mix leave yourself some room in the tank. 15 gals 12% sh 30 gals of water. The instructions for mixing simple cherry in a hw mix calls for 16 ozs by volume be added to a 5 gal mix. I would start with Tims recomendation Depending on how steep the roof is you need to adjust from there. However much you decide to use I would mix it separate in a pail of hot water. This gets the sc to dissolve. You can always call Bob at pressure Tek to see what he recommends. If you are going to be doing roof cleanings get some Fresh Wash or Roof Snot for your surfactant.

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Ok, thanks for the great advice, being a short week this week i wont have time to order fresh wash or roof snot in time. but i will do. Clark im sure you will tell me its about preference,but what do you like better fresh wash or roof snot. Advantage/Disadvantages? I know fresh wash cover the bleach smell but does roof snot. or just for hang time?

Also i have one other concern i came across. I set up a new pump today Shurflo 4.9 GPM and got it working with switch, inline fuse and all. Does the pump Continuously run when it is switched on? Like lets say im on the roof and set the wand down to do something does it ever rest until you stop it?

We use both Fresh Wash and Roof Snot. For roofs up to an 8-12 pitch I just use fw like the masking ability plus it is a very good surfactant. For steeper roof I add rs to the mix for the cling. Roof snot is also very good without the fw and was what I used prior to getting fw.

As far as your pump running continually it sounds like you are picking up air some place. It should shut down when you don’t have the trigger open. Describe your setup maybe someone can pickup an issue.

Found out my problem:cool: actually i didnt have the gun attached yet HAHA…rookie mistake…Thanks alot clark for your input! But since ihave your attention :)…Ive got another? for you. Ive ready alot about putting the chemicals on and am very confortable with all that! But Whats the amout of time you leave the chemicals on the roof? I realize that you have the option to wash it off or not. but if i dont rinse then i quess you put it on and forget it huh? If i wanted to rinse it how long until i do.

How Long after i clean the house until you see results?

sorry for the spelling errors, long day in the sun!

We usually start on the dirtiest side of the roof. Spray on the solution and then go to the other side. We then come back and touch up spots. Can’t tell you how long to leave on before rinsing because I have never rinsed a roof.

So does the roof look clean when you leave? this is where im confused cause ive heard people say things about coming back in a few days!?

Start on the dirty side, spray the whole thing. Come back and touch up whatever is left.
It will be a night and day difference. The black stains should be gone.
If there is a film of dead algae in some areas the next train will wash it off. It won’t be very noticeable.

I am setting up a roof cleaning operation and I spoke to Bob at prsssure Washing about how much simple cherry to use. His reply was…“I do not recemmend sc for roofs but use it on house washing… Try roof snot for roofs”

Bob will always steer you in the right direction. Even if it means he might not make the sale.

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