Making a 4 tip nozzle

I’m looking to build one of the nozzles, that have 4 tips welded together, for softwashing. Has anyone built one themselves? I see they are for sale, but I know I can put one together for a lot cheaper.
My question is, what degree tips would I need for a 4gpm 4k psi machine?
I’ve found this info from pressure tek, just not sure how to decifer it.


I’ve been making mine for many years. Jarrod Gumbalt pitched the Jrod to Bob years ago. Mine are just 3 ways. High pressure fan. Low pressure fan and 0050

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What dont you understand? Do you downstream? The numbers are the spray pattern and orifice sizes. First two numbers are spray pattern, last two are orifice size. 00 equals straight stream, 25 equals 25 degree fan. 40’s are low pressure to pull soap, 10’s are high pressure to rinse with.

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Thanks, that’s what I thought, but just needed to hear it from somebody else. I’ll start pricing things out.

As you get into low pressure washing more, you’ll develop your own preferences for which tips you want. You can always change out the tips once you’ve welded the nozzle plugs together.

I have a 3 way: 2540 (first floor), 0540 (second floor), and a size 40 shooter nozzle (2.5 floors and up). I don’t use higher pressure tips for building washing, as I deal with a lot of oxidized surfaces.

I don’t weld, so I just cut one holder off of the jrod.

You can buy it from PressureTek without the nozzles for $14.99! How much do you think you can save?!


With the nozzles it’s like $35… so I can’t wrap my brain around making one. I use a short gun almost exclusively and haven’t pulled the trigger on buying it because I don’t know if it’ll work in the short gun without hitting the front of it. That and carrying 2 nozzles in my back pocket and one in the gun has been plenty good enough until now. But c’mon… if you want one it’s $35.00… 10% of a regular residential job.