Makeup air units cleaning and pricing (Pictures Included)

I received a request to clean a few makeup air units. They are about 18x18, 2 story up. Inside needs walked through, wiped down and light power washing. I searched and see nothing about prices or cleaning. Can someone point me in the right direction please.

What is a ‘makeup air unit’?

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Gotta wipe down and cleanout the inside dust

Wow, that’s a lot of voltage going on there.

I wouldn’t clean it. Here you need to be licensed to do maintenance on those systems. It’s specialized and usually done by dedicated duct cleaning companies.
They are expensive and finicky. They provide outside air to be conditioned and put into the building distribution. If you were to clean it incorrectly and people in the building get affected it’s gonna come back at you.


They got a key and do that whole system that is standard, but you know. There are a few risks involved…

Well here is the deal. I am not gonna turn it down. I will subcontract the work then. I can do that without having the insurance to have this type of work covered right?

JDW Said I was covered over the phone, but you know how those people lie about these things.

You need to go and read about prime contractor law in your area.

Okay I can do that. This is a job for a vent cleaning company right? I really wish I could start getting some request on jobs that are better suited for what I know I can do right.

I’m with ya.

Yeah, just let a duct cleaning company do it. Don’t subcontract it, just pass it over. But; if you think this sort of thing would interest you ask the company you referred it to if you can tag along and learn. No risk to you, you learned something new, and can decide if it’s something you want to do.

Thought you just did vinyl houses? Heck I wouldn’t even think about tackling that and I do all kinds of crap.


Looking to expand during the slowtime and seeing if I can conquer a new area. This is not going to be a good fit for my business and I am forwarding over the lead.

@bpowerwashing…I’d be all over that myself…I’ve never done one but no time like the present…I think I would probably just wipe it down with a damp rag after i vacumed it out with a shop vac…of course…TURN ALL POWER OFF AND LOCKOUT TAGOUT…a mild citrus degreaser in a spray bottle would do wonders!..any time I do anything weird like that I always make sure everything is dry before I leave also.
I’d charge anywhere from $400 up each.

Your pricing is way better than mine. I would quote $1500 each that way if I get the job It would be worth my time, and if I don’t even better.

I only have to do the outside of this one but they pay dearly because of how high it is and I can only get access to do it from 10:30pm to 6:00 am…
It gets dusted first then a light degreaser then a light hand wash with a surfactant and water and a wipe dry…the duster in the pic is about 14" long x 3" wide just for reference on size…and I was on a 10ft ladder

You could easily pay someone very little to do that while you sit back and drink pop for a while.

@bpowerwashing my pricing might be up there with yours if I saw this in person LOL… just by the picture it looks like a square 18ft x 18ft metal box… I’d be surprised if it took me 3 hours to clean it