Major PWRA benefit with Joe Walters Agency

I just got off the phone with Darla from Redirecting...
As per her request I called her a couple of weeks ago to see if and what my % discount will be with them because of my PWRA membership.
Since my policy doesn’t renew to May 27th I was way ahead of the 60+ days you need to give them to review your policy.

Today I got my new policy in the mail which goes into affect on May 27th when about my first payment is due. I saved 21% which basically is 3 yrs of my PWRA membership cost. On top of that Darla told me this discount is permanent and not only for 1 yr. In essence I’m going to save 3x my PWRA membership every year. This is by far one of the biggest benefits I ever received in belonging with a Powerwashing group.

Grand slam home run!!

I can’t say this will work for everyone with a PWRA membership but what I suggest you do is call Darla and tell her I recommended you to call her. You can ask her if I got a substantial savings thru my PWRA membership if you need assurance on this. Also make sure you call her 60+ days before your policy renews if you are a JW current policy holder.

This is why I belong to multiple Industry groups such as the PWRA so it can benefit my business.:cool::cool::cool:

Darla is wonderful to work with. She really took good care of me. Their prices are very good. I got quotes from 3 local companies and Joseph Walters Insurance.

I basically had to take my quote from Joseph Walters and educate the local agents to what exactly I needed. Just the GL portion with the local insurance companies was more than the whole complete policy with Joseph Walters.

Same reason why I went to JW Agency years ago. Everything here is sky rocketed. His price then was half of what I was paying. I’ve been with JW for at least 12yrs now and never had any problems.

So wonderful you guys are saving money! That’s great. Thank you so much for also making it clear that current policy holders must get in contact with them 60+ days before their renewal–this is crucial for current policy holders getting the discount. Thanks for spreading the word!

My current insurance American Family quoted me $5000 for PW insurance… Joseph Walters quoted me $760 with my WCRA PWRA discount

Just to let guys understand this a little bit more, in my area PW insurance is very expensive. I paid just for GL around $3000/yr back in 99-2000. Around 2001-2 I switch to JW and my insurance was 1/3 that price if not more. Now since I probably pay more for JW insurance then most because of my area(my 1/3rd of an acre cost me $13,000+/yr to give you an idea about pricing here), my 21% savings because of my PWRA membership in dollar amount may be more then what your yearly JW insurance cost. That is why my savings for this year in dollar amounts will cover 3 yrs of my PWRA membership.

You guys that only have to pay $700 or so every year for JW insurance are way ahead of the game then I am including me using my PWRA membership discount which I’m thankful for.