Magnetic signs

Who makes magnetic truck signs for a good price???

Vista Print does them pretty cheap, but cheap signs means cheap quality. We had magnetic signs on the trucks to start but they are a major pain in the a**. Awesome customer service, super fast turnaround, and very reasonable prices.

Just a note: magnetic signs should only be used temporarily. If left on full time, they can mess up the paint

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Have you wrap your truck

Not sure if that was a question, but here’s the answer. Vinyl lettering.

What kind of place does That???

The lettering on our vehicle would have been around $500 if it hadn’t been a friend’s company. But you can get a pretty nice layout for $200-$350 if you don’t get as fancy with the design.

Good quality vinyl will last 10+ years

We also habe lettering on our trucks now like Alex. Full wraps can get pretty expensive. And Alex is right the magnetic signs mess with the finish on your vehicle. Also it’s a pain taking them off every time you want to wash it.

Mine stays dirt lol That would be easier for me honestly just take it on and off

Never trust a business who can peel their company off at the end of the day… you’re either dedicated or you’re not.

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Well home slice what’s your thoughts on it wrap the side with my logo and my info

Absolutely, don’t you want to advertise your business wherever you are? Remember that a typical magnetic sign is no bigger the 24" by 24" making you company name, website and phone number difficult to read for anyone not standing next to it.

Also my personal opinion is if I wash things for a living I better not show up to a job site in a dirty truck. (unless it’s on a dirt road or a muddy fleet lot)

Well…not washing my truck vs it being dirty 2 different level one is like river bottom hawg hunting and just a little dusty

I agree with @Donerite, I also purchased 10 magnet signs at a low price from vista print. They all faded out within 3 month’s. They did still well, but graphic quality from vista print is garbage. Go to a local graphic design company and get them to do it. Also, maybe u can exchange work for work.