Mad Max 9 GPM

I am looking to possibly upgrade my 4 GPM Hotsy unit. I called my local Hotsy dealer and my guy mentioned they sell a Mad Max 9 GPM unit. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal @ 3K, but I cannot find any info anywhere. I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with the brand.


I don’t know much about it but I’m sure it’ll clean the Thunderdome. :wink:

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Pretty cool name… that’s all I know


@hotshot has a Hotsy I believe. Maybe he’ll know.

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I don’t think it part of the Hotsy line. I think they just carry it as an alternative brand.

That is the one. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal from my guy.

What does he want?

3K new with warranty

Cold water only system

Yes it is just a cold water unit. Looking for more volume over my 4 GPM unit.

Thats a 10.2 gpm pump. Forgive me if I’m wrong as Im new, but wouldn’t an underpowered engine starve the pump? Or would it get the 10.2 gpm but not the 3k psi?

General states it is a 8.5 GPM pump.

Depends on how it’s configured. At 1450 rpms it’s 8.5 at 3000 psi with smaller engine or at 1750 it’s 10.2 with 690. Most of us run a TSF2021 with the 690 that’s 3600 psi @ 1750


At either gpm it’s a junk system. You would have to add an unloader block, add a real muffler, remove it from the aluminum skid and mount it on a steel one, swap out the pump with an udor, and peel off all those stickers :slight_smile:

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I actually have one. The muffler blew up at 50 hours so replace that right away. Other then that its been a champ. Mine actually runs at 10 gpm. The only down side is that it has so much flow, the DS injector barely pulls any chem. I have heard you will want to change the belt because it can shred. That and it kicks like a mule :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. I do a lot of DS’ing so that may be an issue.