Machine making water white

My 8 gpm machine is making the water white. Almost like when you pour hot water out of the sink. It turns clear in a bucket after a few minutes. It’s driving me nuts because I can see it when rinsing and it looks like soap is still running off the siding and windows. It didn’t happen last year. This year I changed my reels for new electric, new chem injector and new whip line. My 5.5gpm doesn’t do it on same setup. Also 8 doesn’t do it with no injector and 5.5 doesn’t do it at all.
I tried different injector, different real and different gun all same out come. Anyone experience this?

You are sucking air somewhere. Start at pump and work your way down the line to the gun.


I was thinking it was the injector doing it but it doesn’t happen when the injector isn’t connected. I guess start with the pump and I’ll pull them off and retape each fitting. No water leaks anywhere either.

If it doesn’t happen with the injector gone then it’s probably the injector or its associated plumbing

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Fill a bucket straight from the pump, then the jump line, then the reel, then the hose etc.

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I had a similar issue, I could hear (and feel) the extra air in the line when soaping, sounded like a hiss. Found out my hose clamps weren’t tight enough.