M5DS used as an xjet

New here. been reading for a few months and just getting the company started

I was looking at getting the M5DS, ill get a jrod later
I was wondering if you can rig it up to where it is similar to an xjet if you need it that way, such as needing a stronger mix for brick, stucco etc.
typical set up
Pump+DS+hose+M5ds or Jrod etc. basic house wash

Pump+hose+DS(and bucket)+M5ds … Would that be an effective way to hit brick veneer.
Many houses around here are painted wood or vinyl with a brick veneer

They have a M5 xjet which is the adjustable version. If you thinking you can just buy the $60 M5DS to save money and to get a stronger mix no, it’s not possible. You need the part that draws the mix and the proportioners. If you bought the M5 Xjet you could probably take the adjustable M5 and use it as a M5DS.

If you can skip the xjet all together and get a 12v for when you need a stronger mix.

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Gotcha, Ive noticed alot of guys just say ditch the proportioners and mix your bucket the way you want it and it pulls through the ds of the original xjet.

Didnt see much of a difference, if i had added a DS at the end of my hose to a bucket and attached the m5ds twist.
Is there a difference in the way the original xjet pulls chem vs the ds i already have.

Guess what i trying to say is hydraulically i dont see the difference?

Are you talking about the down stream injector on your pressure washer?

Yeah I am
Trying to get a few jobs done this year without a bunch of equipment, so i can get setup for next year.
A 12v system is on the list

The xjet is able to pull a stronger mix than what a injector can. You’re not going to get much more than maybe 1.5% tops out of an ds injector unless you force feed it with a little pump. If an injector could pull as much as an xjet there wouldn’t really be a need for an xjet. The only reason anyone even uses an xjet is because it can pull a stronger mix and they don’t have a 12v. Most eventually ditch the xjet and put together a 12v. It can be risky carrying around a bucket of mix in someone’s yard. It spills and you’ll be buying sod to fix the dead grass. Plus it sucks dragging around buckets of mix. It’s better to leave everything on the truck or trailer. There’s a chart somewhere around here that gives the strength that an xjet can pull. @Max1 just posted it somewhere the other day so he’ll know where it’s at.


ok i gotcha now. Thought i was going to be able to rig something up. Thank you


We DS all day using proportioners @ the end of our DS tubes. but we use 100 % chemicals, saves us from batch mixing. And SH is only used in our dirty white laundry when job is complete.

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Your chems are a bit different…:skull::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::ghost:

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Touche @Max1.

Lol. That injector that ibs and squid use is similar in a way though. Comes with proportioners to save time from batch mixing. You ever look into those?

No i dont know what they are using, how is it set up
Guess i just bite the bullet and get the xjet

Havent found an SH supplier yet, im in Natchitoches La
Just have to use pool shock

So if i went with the 4GPM open proportioner
with 12.5 at 1.6-1=7.8% SH
and at 10.5%SH then black would pull 6.5%SH?

Yes. Me no likey @Max1 . pain to change out. And break during the winter months.

I have way better luck with a GP high draw with a 3 way poly valve and these at the end of my 2 DS tubes. Keeping it simple on my end. But that’s MO only

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Try pool stores for SH. It’s water to SH ratios being shown so it’s actually 1.6 parts water to 1 part SH


I got an m5DS for cheap a few weeks ago, and now I realize I need the xjet m5. Do you think this is an offbrand xjet I could use with my m5DS or is it just aDS with a really long tube? I can’t tell!

first place i tried they didnt even have pool shock, but had powder or tablets
So my math was incorrect getting all dyslexic

Lol. Keep trying though. Pool shock will do until you get busy. Buying bulk from a chem company isn’t a good idea until you get busy anyway.

Looks similar but the thing about trying to save a few bucks on some off brand is you’ll end up having to buy 4 or 5 because they keep breaking when you could’ve just bought one good one. One thing you’ll quickly learn about owning a business is never try and save a buck by buying cheap equipment. It’ll cost you ten times as much in the long run especially due to lost work time. If it’s a part you have to order you could be down for 5 days waiting on it to come in. Trying to save $50 could literally cost you thousands of dollars. Although, you should always have backups for everything so that doesn’t happen.

Just buy an xjet. You’ll use that m5ds for other stuff. You might like it for house washing. Some guys prefer that over a jrod.


Alright, will do.

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