M5 twist psi

Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask a quick question about the m5 twist nozzle. I currently have an 8gpm 3000psi unit and when using the m5 my gauge shows 700 psi. Is this safe for washing vinyl siding? It seems to me that the psi is too high but I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be?

Thanks in advanced!

It’ll be fine. You’re usually standing at least a few feet away with it. Check your size. With my 3-7 gpm m5 I get about 6-700 psi and with the 7-12gpm m5 I get about about 400psi using both with an 8/3500 machine. You’ll get a lot of mist with the smaller when shooting on the distance setting and it won’t shoot as far, but it’s perfect for cleaning brick stoops, walls, gutters etc, anywhere you need a little more pressure, and the one I generally use for one story.

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yea im getting the 700 with a 7-12gpm m5. Unless they sent me the wrong one because i checked the order and it was for the 7-12gpm one. Thanks for the reply

It says what it is on the metal part of stem, the hex shaped part

It is in fact a 7-12gpm m5…I wonder why I’m getting so much more psi than u with my 8gpm 3000 unit