M5 twist nozzle question

If I’m drawing straight 12.5% SH with my 4gpm machine, what can I expect to be pulling? We talking 1.5%?? I bought the M5 twist nozzle a few weeks ago in anticipating it may just replace my jrod.

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Don’t concern yourself with ratios. Apply your soap and if the green turns brown in 5-10 minutes you’re doing it right. I personally didn’t like the M5 twist. Too misty for my taste but @garry.cooper loves his. Also, another downside is you can only do low pressure with the M5. My jrod has a 1k psi wood tip so I can do decks or hit stuff with a little bit of pressure without walking back to the trailer.


I would use a 50/50 mix when I was down streaming with a 4gpm on vinyl . sometimes I would go 2 gallons SH and 3 gallons H20 if it wasn’t bad. If I had to guess what percentage straight is … I would guess about 2%.
Straight for Dryvit would be good . I think for vinyl it’s over kill .

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You were using the M5 twist nozzle?

No ! A JRod … But I don’t think it would make a difference in draw rate. Could be wrong though.