Lucky (unlucky?) Roof wash quote pricing?

You can’t find a part time help for a day, may be 16-17/hr but worth it if doing a roof. You really don’t need to be using an xjet on roof unless you’ve converted to a low pressure one. 12V are cheap. Why bid on something if you don’t have right equipment or capable of getting if you win it.


Also, I would figure out where those “drains into the ground” come out…

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Why bid? Because the personal contact asked me to, knows I’m just getting started, and that I desperately need the money as my regular career disappeared. I literally don’t have any more money to invest yet, I’m trying to keep a roof over my family’s head ATM. It’s a sucky situation, but it’s been this way for nearly 2 years, and this is the best option I have for possibly making enough to keep my family housed.

Once I have my vital expenses covered, I plan to price out a dedicated roof/softwash system, but I literally don’t have two nickels to rub together right now. It sucks, I don’t wish it on anyone, but it’s what I have to do at the moment.

Chris, I realize that. But a lot of people on here have other part time jobs that helps them live and/or enables them to build up their equipment while they build up their business. Two weeks part time at McDonalds or Uber gets a 12v system

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I get it too, but the other side of the coin is potential damage to your growing business reputation (and a personal relationship). The bigger worst case is you pour a lot of time, energy & cash into it, and it doesn’t get done and still don’t get the check. Be careful, I know how desperation goes, but it’s usually not a good decision maker if there’s any other way…

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As someone who drove for Lyft in the past and after expenses (but before taxes) made about $9/hourly, I would have to agree to disagree with your assessment of this as a likely reality. Not to mention that with my perdicament, I’m washing now BECAUSE I have failed to secure ANY other kind of ‘regular’ job, so working for myself is the best if not ONLY option.

This year among the greatest hits are getting turned down for intalling Tires at Costco part time (with previous auto/powersports experience), a temp gig mowing grass at a golf course, and a plethora of BS warehouse laborer jobs. With my background in a freelance-based business like the film industry, employers are very reluctant to hire me because they know as soon as my phone rings with ANYTHING in my field I’ll quit immediately.

Appreciate your experience but there’s a lot of N/A to my particular situation.

FWIW, the job was completed in about 12 hours over 2 days, and the client was happy with the work.

Every pizza joint in town is hiring drivers. Take the job, turn on the radio, eat free pizza, make 15-20 per hour. They ain’t worried about next week, they need help this week. Fall & winter is the best time of year. Take some business cards along.


This implies I’ve not already done this and been rejected by literally every pizza shop that delivers in a 15-mile radius. Each of the local joints as well as the usual national shops. I’ve lost count on how many ‘McJobs’ I’ve been rejected this year, it has to be hundreds at this point.

Meanwhile, in my first 3 weeks doing washing, I’ve grossed nearly $5k revenue. I think I’ll keep focusing on generating more work there - it’s actually been beneficial for my available time.

One of my phone sales guys used to moonlight for Dominos… he made a few decent wash sales for us off of talking to folks… when he quit to focus n his job more and try to grow, they called him every couple months begging him to come back. Usually in December we’d be like, “yeah, go ahead” :rofl:

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Any before / after pics?

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I’ve delivered thousands of pizzas over the years & everybody is always happy to see the pizza guy! Even if you’re 15 minutes late for work, the manager is happy you showed up. Imagine getting paid to hand a happy customer a magnetic biz car on their front porch 50 times a week for three months in your preferred service area while it’s cold outside. You’d better have your ducks in a row when March rolls around if you have any sales chops at all.


Yes, here’s the most dramatic difference regarding the worst section of the roof. I waited a couple weeks for rainfall to do it’s thing before taking an ‘after’ photo.




$1000 in chemicals??? How in the heck do you get that? A single drum of bleach is nowhere near that price, and everything else is very cheap. And, honestly, I doubt you’d use a drum unless you were way over applying.

Have you seen his shipping costs, and the roofs he has to clean? :rofl:

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:joy: if xjetting like I believe OP meant you would probably be double applying because the SH percentage would be under 3 percent.

It’s like 450 plus shipping for a 55 gallon drum. ( That’s if it was even available for me to get …which i cant, they won’t ship that)

Also all consumables are expensive to ship up here as well. My logistical woes are well documented on here :joy::joy::joy:


Get better logic :man_shrugging: