Lowering pressure on 8gpm machine

Is it ok to lower the pressure on my machine by choking the ball valve, which is before my trigger? It is convenient but I don’t know if that will cause damage to my pump.

Ryan Edrington
Xcellent Xteriors
Lakeland, FL

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Ryan, what are you lower psi for? What you’re saying here is not advisable.

My machine is 3000psi 8gpm. I use a jrod for my nozzle. However I don’t like to use the full power especially around windows and doors ( I’m speaking of the low rinse nozzle ). So to lower the pressure I have been choking the ball valve. It seems to give me the pressure I want and it is very easy to control. If that is not recommended I was thinking of choking the throttle on the machine. I should also state that today was my first day with a 8 gpm machine so I am learning to work with it. I have always used 4 gpm in the past. If none of these ideas are adviseable should I just stand far enough back from what I am washing to not cause damage and just keep the pressure at what it is?

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Choking the ball valve reduces gpm…you don’t want that. Throttling down reduces gpm…you don’t want that either…Go to a larger orifice nozzle. We use 1540’s & 1550’s…this is a 15 degree #40 or #50 size orifice…works great!