Low water shut off install

Hey everyone I looked around and could only find an old video of what a low water shut off is but not an actual install video or how to.

Does anyone have one they can link for me? I just picked up a backup machine and want to install one myself since I don’t have time to leave it at the shop.

I don’t have a video handy, but the install is dead simple. You just wire the float switch in series with the ignition switch.

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I’m basically illiterate when it comes to understanding wiring haha. I’ll attach pictures and when you say in series on the ignition switch I assume I’d connect one wire to black and one to red?

You will be so much happier if you take that float switch, throw it in the corner of the shop, and then forget what you did with it.


You want it to be able to interrupt the circuit. I don’t recall which wire I did it on, but I disconnected one of the wires and ran the float switch between that wire and the engine so it would complete the circuit when the water level was good, and disconnected it when the float dropped open.

I haven’t run a float switch on my rig since I set up Truck Norris, so memory is a little fuzzy.

Haha yes sir. Is your reasoning just more clutter?

Gotcha, I already have one on my main motor so if both are going at the same time my first motor will shut off and I’ll know to stop the other. I’ve probably had the emergency shut off happen maybe 2 times total over the years when the customer started using a shower/laundry and spotter stuff slowing down my water intake.

If you run low on water and your machine cuts off, then, in addition to waiting on water you have to restart your machine.