Low oil sensor help

Has anyone here successfully disconnected a low oil sensor from a gx690 so there will not be any issues moving forward?

Disconnecting the wire from the sensor is no problem. But Im hearing you need to actually bypass the wire and not just disconnect it from the sensor or it will continue to shut off.

Is this true, and how did you do it properly?


Yeah, you can jump it… There’s a how to on Youtube

Just remember to check your oil level daily if you plan to delete the sensor

Of course.

But what is involved with bypassing the sensor?

I think its more then just disconnecting the power source to the sensor.

I can’t remember off the top of my head, your going to need to do your homework on it.

Can you take a picture of the low oil switch? I haven’t done it with a Honda but have on others. I just need to see the wiring and I can let you know.

I have not done this myself, but looking at the gx690 workshop manual, page82(ignition system), the oil switch simply connect the yellow wire to ground.

Edit: @KMP

Its just one single yellow wire that plugs into the internal sensor on the side of the engine.