Low end fleet washing

Most likely not the correct way but he gets it done. It takes him 30 minutes a truck. None of us probably wants to hear what he’s charging. Interesting none the less.


You damn rubber scrubber pot stirrer…im getting some popcorn ;>)


Wow. That guy is clueless on everything he does.


I was wondering when someone was going to say something about this! :rofl:

I like how he points to the “valve” and the 8" hose then says “that’s what recirculates the water so when I let off the trigger and people say vddllllvdlllvdll, don’t worry about it”.

Then he says, “everybody uses the customer’s water. Even the guys with the big tanks. They keep their fake tanks full”. He has no idea what they’re actually used for. We all have them to trick our customers so they don’t know we’re using $2 worth of their water…lol

I bet this guy just schooled @Hotshot :smile:

How long to two step the same areas he cleaned Hotshot? Maybe 3-5 minutes?


This guy is a full time truck drive and on the side mows lawns, is a $99 house washer, and I guess now a “fleet washer”. I actually used to watch a lot of his house washing videos when I was starting out, then I found this forum. Haven’t watch one since :slight_smile:

Went to the comments on this video. He says he gets between $30-$90 per truck. That’s a HUGE difference!

That was hard to watch …
If that guy would just ds his acid then lap it with way hotter soap and rinse he’d be done in 5 minutes brushless for $50 bucks. and you don’t us any dawn lol. The surfactant is already in the soap. And never use a turbo nozzle on paint.


If I came out there I’d be at $27 ea. You’d need to be at 8 a hour to make it worth it.

Fixed it for you