Low Cost Yard Signs?

Local suppliers want $10-$14 per sign. It looks like online is around $2-$3 per sign plus shipping. Anyone use an online supplier successfully? Thank you!

I used dope marketing. It came out to $450ish for 100 double sided signs with stakes. Design team isn’t the brightest but the lady I dealt with was very helpful in fixing any problems I had though it did take multiple tries. Signs came within a week or two and there is nothing I noticed on the quality end


I am wanting to give Signsonthecheap or Imprint.com a try.

I would think it’s pretty difficult to ■■■■ up pronting yard signs

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I’ve used uzmarketing.com. They’re about the cheapest I’ve found. It’s cheaper if you buy 100. Then order stakes off eBay or Amazon. Get the 10" H style stakes.


I’ve used Signsonthecheap. I liked them.

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@Sasquatch Jill here, from the print department on windowcleaner.com.

Yard signs can be tricky- most signs for only a few dollars are generally one, MAYBE 2 spot color signs. The H stakes are also additional. This will usually be a white sign, with simple text in one or two colors.

We offer everything from one color, one sided signs to full color, 2 sided signs. For example, 50 one color, one sided 18x24 signs WITH H stakes comes to $4.84 each. Full color 2 sided will be a little more, at $7.67 each, but again this comes with H stakes, and it is a very vibrant, 2 sided sign that people will definitely notice.

Also, H stakes usually run anywhere from $1.50 and up, so you need to take that into consideration when calculating on other sites. We include them in every order.

Lastly, we have a ton of different templates that can be edited, and I can confidentially say our designers and customer service are extremely skilled and helpful, especially if you run into any issues.

Take a look if you would like! Templates can be found here: Window Cleaning Marketing Downloads - Templates, Systems, and more – WindowCleaner.com

Print Prices can be found here: Yard Signs | Printing Services | WCR – WindowCleaner.com

Please let me know if you have any questions!!

Happy Wednesday =)

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I got 100 signs and 100 stakes from signsonthecheap for a little under $400 back in march

How was the quality? Thank you.

That’s “Please and thank you.”

A little parks and recs humor ;>)

pretty standard no complaints


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Zero Stars.

Prices here at WCR are pretty competitive. If you can support them, I’d try and go that route.

I went with signsonthecheap because they had a WYSIWYG editor and I didn’t want to mess with making my own document/file.

But maybe if you had something in mind, WCR could help you out design-wise. I appreciate the forum and at times buy items to support the site.

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@Jill_Okun what size would you recommend? I was thinking bigger would be better, but is the 36" too big? What have you found most people say works?

@FatFIRE most tend to go with 24x18. They are just big enough, but not too big. 24x36 is the next size up, and second most popular. Followed by the smaller 12x18, but those are not really ordered much.

@qons Much appreciated! We can indeed help with design. Lawn signs need to be simple but catchy. We have a bunch of templates that most people choose from, and we can add your company name, phone number, and service you are advertising.

The lawn sign templates can be found here, feel free to take a look! We do custom design as well, if none of the templates are what you are looking for.

DOPE Marketing

Thanks everyone. This was for a side project where cost was essential. I was able to get them for $3.60 each with rush delivery.

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