Low cost proportioner idea

So I wanted to try to build a proportioning mixer but with plumbing from the store.

Very simple, would have 1/2 hose running along floor from 3 tanks all the same size, and turning the ball vavles would allow it to draw a different amount from each one, and they would converge into 1 hose that feeds into the 12v pump. I kind of messed with a setup earlier and it seemed to mix about 50-50 with 2 pvc ball valves fully open. Outside of durability issues from cheap PVC, is there any physics issues that would prevent the mix from drawing in this fashion? Would it only draw out of the water since it would have the least resistance in the picture example?

All thoughts welcome. Would save time on batch mixing.

I think Chris has designed his own.

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Yea I have a YouTube video on how I built mine. Works great!


The theory sounds right and it’s what I thought too. But the valves are very sensitive when it comes to the SH side.

Meaning of you crack the soap line 25% you will get a ton of soap.

Link? I’d like to see it

This is pretty much what I had in mind.

That was just for theory crafting, I would never actually mix 25% soap lol way too much.

I’d probably dilute my soap mix with water so it flows better.

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I’ve often thought about it working at Lowe’s, so many different valves to choose from plus all the special order one’s from my different vendors.
Someone with a fluid dynamics degree or chemical engineering would know how to properly dispense it.
Chris, did you lose much distance, psi or gpm that you could tell ?

Not at all. I oversized all my plumbing into the pump and out of the pump all the way to the reel.

Just search for my YouTube channel “orville schertz”


I’ve watched several of your videos, your a pioneer. I knew you from YouTube before I found PWRA. I’m subscribed. Innovation is the magic elixir that will put you ahead in any business.

I’m no pioneer sir, just like to tinker!

To be honest I only use the 12v maybe once a month now. I downstream all my houses and x jet every deck. Just faster I guess. It’s definitely something you can’t live without when you need a hot mix though!

Considered the amount of liquid on each tank? That would be 3 different pressure levels from each liquid tank on the pump inlet, might even fill the lowest pressure tank (smallest amount of liquid) from the highest pressure tank (biggest amount of liquid) when the pump is not working, if not using check valves on each hose.

Check valves are big when building this. My SH tank is higher than my water tank. When the pump would be off it would backflow and suck straight SH into the water line. Then when the pump turned on I would get a big shot of straight SH. Check valves are a must!



Have you taken a read through this thread yet? It’s a monster, but it has some great technical info for anyone looking to do a DIY proportioner:

@FrankPeters - Pro - Mix - alot has one that is really reasonable


Pro-Mix-Alot V3!!! This is all you need right here. Selling like hot cakes I tell ya :wink:
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