Lot Striping

Do any of you offer Parking Lot striping, restriping or touch-ups? I would like to learn more about what all goes into it and possibly expand in that direction in the future.

I looked into it. From what i understand its a volume thing.

Basically a whole new company and complete different set up to do the work the right way.

No go in my book.

testing something, good idea on lot striping

I know a man here who does it, and he market’s himself as a pressure washing company.
He’s been in business for 18 years and has been doing parking lot striping for awhile.
He’s got a couple big accounts and then the rest are ppl calling either him or me up (I sub-contract parking lot striping to him).
I may look into getting into it next year

We sub striping all the time. Its a great business! Just don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs. The best part about striping is that before anything gets striped the lot needs swept and power washed! :smiley:

what ty said.
Although, I’ve run across a few that didn’t want the parking lot cleaned, just painted.
In this case, we’ll pressure wash the lines before we paint (if you don’t, the paint won’t last as long)

I was looking into this a little this morning. It looks like a nice niche service. I don’t necessarily want to offer painting services because I would be competing with all the mainstream painting companies out there.

How come more pressure washing guys aren’t offering this? Is there just a lack in demand for the service?

It looks like there is a learning curve and some experience needed, but the equipment setup seems minimal…

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