Looking to purchase equipment

Just starting out. Looking to buy Pressure-Pro Professional 4000 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) Belt-Drive Aluminum Frame Pressure Washer w/ General Pump & Honda GX390 Engine and BE Whirl-A-Way Semi-Pro 16" Surface Cleaner (4000 PSI 180°F). I can get a 270 gal square tank, 55 gal food grade barrel for chem and already have the trailer. I want to be able to surface clean, power wash and soft wash with the pressure washer until I can build a soft wash set up. I’ll be running 100’ 3/4 flexzilla to the buffer tank. 100’ 3/8 high pressure Yamatic Non Marking hose, AgFinium SGS28 Pressure Washing Spray Gun with Stainless QC’s Installed and 4 way J rod. Thoughts? Chemicals to stock up on? Soft wash pump suggestions?

Someone just posted a setup yesterday or the day before. Looked like it was a good price. If you can get it for a good price, I’d get that one.

Get the set up I mentioned? I can get it fair priced and have the money for it.

No, I’d look at the one just posted and consider getting it.

But you can build your own, too. But get a Whisper Wash surface cleaner for sure.

For standard housewashes you won’t need either. 50 gallon buffer tank and 20 gallon bleach tank is fine. Also 3/4" Flexzilla is overkill, a standard 5/8" hose works fine. For some reason Flexzilla doesn’t do well flattened for an extended time and mine only lasted a year. It’s heavy but I’ve been using Continental hose and has worked fine.

Also what is AgFinium? Suttner 2315 is the gold standard.