Looking to Build an aluminum shelf for truck bed

Looking to build an aluminum shelf for hose reels on a truck bed. My question is where do I get the raw material at. I would like to order online. And what sizes would I need for a simple version of this.

It would be something like this but maybe only one side. I can rent a welder but I don’t know where to get the material at and what thickness the materials are. Thanks in advance any help on this one.

@Firefighter4hire can build you one.

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I’m sorry but…

  1. you don’t know where to get the materials.
  2. You don’t know what “sizes” you need.
  3. You’re renting a welder.
    Just calling it like I see it here bub but I think you’re in over your head with this build. Aluminum isn’t just mig and stick like steel. I guess you could braze it but I think you might be best to contract this one out.

As I said, @Firefighter4hire can build you one…

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Anything having to do with aluminum, I bring to an experienced fab shop. (Unless it’s something that I’m just bolting one piece to another, like the hitch mount for my vise.)

Aluminum has confounded and frustrated many an experienced welder. It does not behave like steel. It is a heat sink, melts at a lower temperature, and is altogether more finicky.

Yeah I think you are right DIY is not going to work for this. They are expensive to buy though.

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