Looking for used 8 GPM Machine

Hey all,

Looking for a used 8gpm machine in working condition. Have a budget in mind but want to see what’s out there. Thanks for everyone’s time. Message me, reply or feel free email me directly.


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Look on PW Buy and Sell on FB. New “used” equipment listed every day.


Hey all, just wanted to update. I drove up to Xterior Sales in Garner and bought a used machine from them. 8gpm/3500psi. Honda GX690 motor with 680hrs. Service was awesome. Thanks for all the suggestions and help from everyone.


how much

Got is for 2200. All new fluids and filters.


That’s not a bad deal at all. You’re going to love that machine. Only thing I’d suggest it that you put a remote mounted K7 unloader on it when you can. All the parts will run you about $140.


what is the advantage to that K7 install? is that a flow detecting unloader? Is that the advantage?
Is that 680 hours okay?

Whats a remote mounted?

680 not bad. May want to go thru pump at around 1000 hours but engine has lots of life left in it.
Lot easier on your body and machine - See description -

It’s not mounted on the end of your pump, usually mounted to the frame. Most higher end builds have as an option.

Gotcha, I’m mounting mine to the trailer next week.

You live in that area? Machine looks like it’s in good shape, but doesn’t say how many hours on it. The size of the trailer worries me. Doesn’t really give you any room for expansion. That’s tiny for that machine and I don’t like the reel setup.

Racer, thanks for your input. A few ppl have mentioned that a remote mounted unloader in the next step. I’m also going to make some brackets to elevated the skid when mounting on the trailer for ease of maintenance. Also going to mount a straight edge to get the belts on and off faster and keep it all aligned. I’m very excited to mount and tale it for a spin!

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@Racer what is the difference between the unloader you suggested and this one?
High Flow Pressure Unloader - Pressure Tek

That’s a pressure activated versus flow activated.

Flow activated doesn’t have the blast of pressure when you pull the trigger, Is that correct?

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Right you are

Hey could I buy this from you

Man this was like 5 years ago. Check the date on posts before replying.

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