Looking for SH in Dallas?

Any guys in the DFW area have good SH source? Who would have thought that trying to find SH would be so difficult?

I am getting 12.5 from Leslie’s Pool Supply distribution hub in Arlington in 15 gal drums. Their stores can’t get the drums for you unless you pay full retail. I worked out pricing with the rep there. Jordan Deena (972) 336-3772.


Get it directly from the manufacturer :+1:

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You probably already did this but I would stop and talk to you a pool man.

Update: petrachem only does wholesale, and Jordan Deena (972) 336-3772 is a personal cell number! He was happy to help tho.

Didn’t know that, that’s what he gave me. I think it was his first week on the job. Glad he could help.

Hi, I would like to introduce Comal Chemical - “SH Depot” to the East Texas and Dallas area markets. We have been blessed with a very strong following in the Gulf Coast region out of our Rosenberg, TX facility. We are expanding to a facility just N of Canton, TX. We will offer customer pu’s of bulk and/or packaged SH and will also have the capability to deliver Mini Bulk or packaged SH and other chemicals to the Dallas and East TX areas. We specifically cater to Softwash and Pressure Washing companies in Texas.

We have over 30 years of experience handling SH and other acids and bases. We keep our SH in temperature controlled storage to ensure that our family of customers’ get the highest chlorine content available in the wholesale market.

We are also a stocking distributor of the popular Southeast Softwash line of chemicals specifically designed for Soft Wash and Pressure Wash contractors.

We look forward to servicing the East Texas and Dallas markets.

For more info about our services, please give us a call at 281-221-0324.


Is this still good? If so you are the solution for me! I tried the number with no luck.

List of SH suppliers around the country. Please add any you know of. SH Suppliers USA | Texas Pressure Washing

Also https://maps.app.goo.gl/NSKoc3qTyEmLuN416?g_st=ic

1671 Riverview Dr b215, The Colony, TX 75056