Looking for metering ball valves at good price

Does anyone knows a good place where I can find a good price on the metering valves to mix chemicals, I started working on this project but I know I’m not using the right valves, now this is just an idea to make my own proportioner.

already a thread on this thats about 100 pages long from a few weeks ago… pro mix a lot thread


Ok, thank you for your advice

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I’d be happy to sell you a product that will work. $250 shipped to you

Already put together and ready to ship out.

It sounds good and all, but no offense, do you have any references that works? Videos of how it works? I like to make sure that the product I buy works, do you work for a company or you make them out of your garage?

You on face book? LOTS of happy customers! LOTS of videos showing it works. I make them myself.
I can tell you that contraption you have won’t work. I’m Sorry you wasted your money on them parts

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Yes sir I’m on Facebook can you share your page and video links if I can see that it works I’ll order from you, I’m not sorry I spent the money on those valves, for sure I don’t want to spend 1200 dollars buying it from the big guys I think it’s a rip off, and I was just trying to make one at affordable price, I’m just starting in the business and don’t have that much money for that

Search FB for “Pro-mix-alot V2” and join group.

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I just Found this thread, and promised frank i would Buy his if his videos proved that it works. His videos don’t lie. Now your posting and trying to sell on FB a system that looks like a 6th grader put together for a science fair. I own One if franks systems and have 170 gallons of bleach through it already. So where are your videos?

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How can I purchase your v3 model. And I saw where you said to contact lorie for hoses how do I contact her

Sent you a pm