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I’ve read several threads on oxidation, that being said trailer homes are very bad about chalky oxidation showing up. This one is septic system sprayed on it for years. Question is which direction to go other than run the opposite way. What say you guys on the vinyl? It rubs off pretty decent with just a wet finger. image image


In the country septic system has sprinklers spraying the “clean water” after 3rd chamber.

Do you mean well water ?

Wait, it’s been spraying poo water all over their house???


Yep. I just adjusted the sprinklers for her today so now they spray the yard. And not the house.

And you wiped it with your finger???


Well that’s a first for me. I would start with house wash and ox acid


Yep! I ain’t scared! Plus I carry a gallon of germ-x with a pump squirted for that reason. :man_shrugging:

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So let me get this right as I can.
There recycling poop water outta the leach field and using it so Jack and Jill can play outside the single wide in the sand box on the nice green grass ?


I bet the grass grows like crazy.

That’s some hillbilly Arkiesaw stuff right there!

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Down here in the country there isn’t a parish sewer system so you have to do septic system. 3 chambers to break it down then it’s sprayed out of 3 sprinkler heads onto your property. The health dept calls it gray water. Only way to deal with it unless you have the right soil for a leach field. Most don’t down here.

Lol. You outta see the size of my maters.
@Grizz has told me there the best he’s ever eaten…


It do make good fertilizer though! :rofl:

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So do you have to worry about the chemicals used in you house wash
I’m assuming you are letting it go to soil

Are you in Lousiana? I thought you were in Arkan-SASS

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Lol. So does 10,10,10. I’m all about reusing things in a strange way. But that’s just taking recycling to a whole other dimension.

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I’m thinking loosiana. He said Parish, them coon butts do it differently down there. I’ve seen it. Lol

That’s what I thought too. I’ve never heard anyone outside of Louisiana call it a parish. I’m not even sure what a parish is.