Looking for gloves

Searched here and only topic that came up was from 2016 with no response.

I am tired of the ones i use from HD.

Looking for alternatives

They all rip… if you find a pair that last more than a week let me know… I’ve given up and bought a full box of Jersey gloves.

What kind or what purpose type?

I use these for my other business, when we clean ovens and what not.
Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing:

Grease Monkey X-Large Nitrile (100-Count)


They are good and thick, dont rip like like these

Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing:

HDX Disposable Nitrile Gloves (10-Count)

For pressure washing

I wish I could buy just left handed gloves. I only use a glove when reeling hoses in

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Kevlar gloves for gutter cleaning!

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have to be waterproof and chem resistant dor handling acids.

If not one for acids and the other for pw

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By far, these:

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Is that what u use?

The description is good… tyvm

Only for two weeks but I love them. Way better then anything else I’ve ever used and I tried a good bit. I use HF 9m nitrile for dirty throw away jobs but these hycool for everything else

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I have used these for years, they are winter gloves but work flawlessly in any season…


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I thought you upgraded to electric reels.

I did. definitely need a glove when reeling or you can wind up with something in your hand. That’s why I only need a left hand glove

hold a rag when you reel in your hoses that way the hoses get cleaned. No glove needed then


What I always do

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Good point

I use a rag too.
Ive never really looked into electric reels so i assumed you didnt need to do anything. You just push a button and your hose winds up and thats it lol.

They’re nice, especially at night when you’re cleaning about 8 different properties. Sometimes I’ve used a rag when rolling them up but it gets aggravating when you hit a dry spot on the house and it snatches the rag from your hand