Looking for feedback on my website

Hey guys, I am working on my website and would like to get some feedback on it. I’m still working on it so it’s not complete. I’m thinking I want to go for a more transparent style of marketing so I wanted to try up front pricing and see how that goes. Please take a look and tell me what you guys think. Thanks guys

The 3 buttons for “view out work” “services” and “contact us” are off center and it looks a bit weird that way. But since you’re still working on it, maybe you know that already.

Also, maybe some sort of pressure washing related photos or images on the home page? It’s pretty empty. Elegant in a way, but too plain in my opinion. Looking good though. I can’t comment on the posted pricing, except I hope doing that doesn’t get you into a situation with someone where you need to charge more and they are like “but your website said $XX!?!?!” lol.

Side note, how do you like using squarespace? How much did it cost for you to get the domain name?


Thanks, ya I’m working on fixing the buttons lol. I know I’m going to come across that, but just for liability issues I put that disclaimer saying it needs to be inspected, but ya people will inevitably give issues with it.

I like square space, but it takes getting used to the interface when working on it. I transferred the domain from vistaprint and that only cost 20 dollars. I can spark up the front a little bit too. Thank you for the feedback!

Needs more content, and photos on the front page.
You should get an email address from your domain, like info@Niagara…
The bottom doesn’t say © 2017 Niagara Pressure washing LLC or w.e. you’re setup like.
Under Home, the word Through is not capitalized.
The services tab doesn’t work.
There are no links in the menu bar.
Also you could add an ‘about us’ page or incorporate that under the coverage area page.


Perfect thank you. I’ll fix it this evening. None of the service buttons are working? I knew one needed to be fixed.

how much do you have invested into the site total so far, if you don’t mind me asking

Oh not much at all. Like 40 dollars only.

incoming DM with 3 or 4 questions :wink:


Not bad. It’s basic, of course, but it’s clean and easy to navigate.

I went to your Facebook page, and you’ve got a fantastic looking logo. I would try to incorporate that into the home page, at least.

Also you might want to think about a different color scheme… the grey is a bit bland for me.

Overall, it’s a very solid foundation, with room for some tweaks if you wanted.

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Thank you for that. I tried to work the logo into the header, but it was not cooperating… so I added a royalty free background. I have to keep playing with it. For anyone that wants a logo. Go to fiverr.com you can get a logo for 5 dollars, but I spent 35 dollars and got unlimited revisions and they made multiple designs based on my requests.

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I see hit and miss from fiverr, but that one looks great. Totally didnt look like a fiverr logo when i saw it. Put it on everything!

Lol thanks man, ya I think they did a good job.

Oh, i just realized that’s what your avatar is. I guess i never clicked on it (or maybe i did and didnt pay attention)… i always thought it was the state of Massachusetts, because of how it looks at that size. :grin:

I wouldn’t advertise prices personally, as every job is different. But if you like it I would put the disclaimer at the top so it isn’t missed, and say something like Prices starting at $XXX

Your before and after pics are bad. Not that the work is bad but you didn’t let everything dry before taking the after pic. Plus the before pics aren’t THAT bad. My website gets my nastiest / best jobs. I went out and found the worst driveway in the area, and heavily discounted my service just so I could use it for pics.

Your home page doesn’t make me want to spend money as not entirely sure what you do. Sure you describe it but nothing drew me into actually reading the words. Post a pic of a good concrete cleaning next to your concrete section etc etc.

Get a logo. ASAP.

I’d make the company name much bigger and less wasted space. Put your phone number on the top right also. Some people don’t want to look at pictures or look for a contract button. Some will just pull up your site and immediately call


Once you post prices you open the doors to a bidding war. Or people have a starting point to call competitors and say. " niagra will do it for 200, how much will you do it for"? Of course your competitor. Will say he will do it for 225 so you will win every time. If you make it easy for your customers to shop on price only…they will.

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I tried to revise it a bit to be more appealing. I’ll have to change the before and after pics after I take some better(or worse) ones. What are your thoughts?

That makes sense, it kind of let’s the customer tell me no before I even get to speak to them.

Winner winner chicken dinner