Looking for an Enclosed Trailer For Sale

Does anyone have or know someone who has an enclosed trailer for sale close to NY? I’m looking for a trailer no bigger than 6x12, prefer a tandem too. I’ve been looking all over and have not had any luck finding one for a bargain price. Can anyone in the area recommend a dealer if they know of one too.

What’s your budget? Are you only looking for used? It may be worth buying one a few hours away and driving it back

I’m in Jersey and trailers are double the price up here compared to down South. I’m going to Georgia for my next trailer. 1 day down and one back. Even with gas and tolls I’ll save a couple grand.

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Where in Georgia are you headed? I got mine from MaxBuilt Trailers in Chatsworth GA, they’re a small family business. Perfect welds all around, super well built. Came out under $1600 for a 6x12 tandem with brakes and radial tire upgrade. They’re fantastic people to deal with too!

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yeah, might have to take a trip to the south. im looking for a trailer under 2k if possible.

Lol. Good luck.

I bought my trailer (7×14 enclosed dual axle brakes on both) with a 10gpm hot water skid and leg tank for 3500 used but for a price like that you have to expect the trailer to look like this

Broken wood, bent supports, rusted to pieces, leaking and ugly as sin but if you can fix it yourself you save a ton. No way you’re getting a enclosed under 2k unless it looks like this

Sounds like I’m going to Maxbuilt trailers. Lol. That is an incredible price. Same trailer Jersey would easily be triple that.

Call them for a quote; I realize I wasn’t clear but mine is an open trailer. They do also have enclosed ones that I’m sure are affordable as well. Probably not under $2k though

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single axle for 2600, would love to know how it’s made. Looks like the cheaper ramp door instead of double doors, probably 24 in centers on cross members and roof ribs, big spacing on walls, c channel smaller. cheaper tires, probably only 6’6" headroom, looks like cheap tire guards.

Sorry, but you get what you pay for.

I’ll list these guys again, because they list their specs and pricing so you know what your getting up front and can upgrade whatever you want. I would definetly buy one from them instead of going down to georgia. Only the devil goes down to georgia. I don’t own one of their trailers, nor do I get any benefit from listing them here. I like thier style. I own a bri mar, made in my state.

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Appalachian Trailers isn’t bad! I love their 14x7 commercial contractor grade. Do they offer shipping of the trailer ? That’s a 9 hour drive for me both ways

Douglas GA is a drive but you will get a trailer for the best price. I got my 7x20 tandem for $4200

Primed the inside myself of course.

Pretty slick!

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Mine is also a Lark trailer. Has been great so far and gets a lot of miles put on it.


They get pretty crumby reviews online but its been good. If it doesn’t sell by the end of the weekend I will be forced to wash out of it. Its way too long.

sorry for the late reply. I must tell you once again that I don’t own one, but I did shop them. I know they have a retail sale in Ohio and PA, but I am not sure about shipping. IF you call them their sales rep will walk you through all kinds of stuff. THey offer an all cash discount too.

It was a toss up for me, but I went with bri-mar because they were almost the same price, I only had to drive 45 minutes to pick it up and they are made in PA so I get some locals some work.

A lot of trailer dealers don’t make the trailers they sell, they are dropped off, they assemble them on site, then they sell them. I learned a lot by going to everyone I knew that hauled equipment and asked them what their biggest drawback was on their trailer purchase. I almost went aluminum, just for the wieght loss, but some guys were complaining that equipment will break the welds on aluminum, saw two bad trailers myself. PW doesn’t do it, but my 6k tractor would, hauling on back roads with bad pavement, not taking the chance.

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