Longer cling time on metal building


I’ll be cleaning a metal sided building in the next few days and I’m thinking I might try a little Cling-on in my downstream mix instead of Elemonator. My reason for this is the weather isn’t to great and it may take longer for the sh to clean it up with it being 12 degrees here right now. It’s supposed to get into the low 40s on the day I have the job scheduled. It is 60 degrees in my shop and I could even turn the thermostat to 70 the night before or whatever so my sh won’t be cold itself. Should I prefill my buffer and let the water warm up in the shop the day before? Or I could even turn my burner on the lowest setting. I don’t even know how Cling-on rinses off glass as I have never used it for that.


I wash when it’s 36 plus out. Just make your mix stronger. DS straight 12.5 sh and make sure it’s fresh. Cling on does not wash off windows easily.


Okay Thanks! I’ll just do this the way I normally would. I’ve just got to get to a fence job and it’s the only warm day it seems for the next 2 weeks. I can’t wait for spring.


I usually just do a @Patriotspwashing said and run stronger mix but on occasion I will just stick end of my hose in my water tank with my heater on say about 145 for about 10 min while I’m adding water and let it recirculate. Typically down here even if it’s cold, water coming out of spigot not that cold.


Water out of our spigots this time of year can get down to 45 or so. It definitely gets condensation on the pipes and faucetsand even your hose. I don’t know why I never thought about running my hot water into my buffer. I’ll have to remember that.


Cheaper than running your heat in shop high all nite and don’t have to worry about carrying too full a load of water. I maybe only carry about 150 gal in my buffer, sometimes 200 if I know customer going to have weak flow. So usually time I turn on spigot at job site I’ll run heater while I 'm finishing setting up and taping, by then if it’s cold outside buffer water feels like bath water, lol.

Plus with flow unloader you’re passing warmer water back into tank anyway when not on gun.


That’s about what I keep in my tank normally but this job is literally right across the street and I use a 3/4 ton truck. The water wouldn’t make much difference.

Speaking of the cost of heat. I’ve been really surprised. My highest utility bill has only been $130 and I did a lot of welding and kept the heat higher. I keep the office section at 68 or my plants in there struggle With the cold glass. Normally the bill is sub 50 running the A/C. I am really glad I got the commercial space. I don’t know if you remember us talking about it on here last April/May or not.


Cling on is a pain to rinse.


I got it done today. The plan was last weekend but someone in the complex had an event going on Sunday and that’s when the job needed to be done. It worked out to my benefit. Minus the 30+ mph winds today was a beautiful day for washing being 70 degrees. I even threw in a little oxidation removal on the electrical boxes.


Regular house wash mix?


Yes. It wasn’t super dirty it just had algae starting to grow on a couple sides. I cleaned 5 walls between the 2 buildings. 1 hour and 40 minutes from rolling out hoses to backing back into the shop.


Nice! I love cleaning flat walls like that. (Not so much in the wind)


Other then the wind it was a dream job. I do worry a little on electrical boxes when they are bigger like that. Just so many potential leaks. I just spend a few minutes taping it up and spray very lightly.