Long time window cleaner needs spider web removal products

hi all,i hope all is well with you. i just got a new pressure pro 4000 psi washer because there has been a lot of spider webs the last few years here in n.h.,and trying to use my webster is getting old (so is my neck and back) i’v been using some house wash from lowes to get me by,and it’s ok but i want the good stuff!.i need house and deck wash but my biggest problem is the spider webs is there any thing just for removing them? im not looking to kill them i just need somthing to remove the webs. can anybody help me out? thanks

A sodium hypochlorite-based solution will help break down the sticky bonds. I still recommend manual removal of as much as possible first, though.

Nice thick HW mix and big fat low pressure 0 degree

Adding some f-13 to the mix with SH works very well too

Simple Cherry is the soap that makes spider webs heavy. When they’re heavy, they ain’t hangin’. We’ve tried other stuff and Simple Cherry (with the requisite hypo of course) is the go to soap. Mainly because of its effectiveness on spider webs.

i’ve always found that one of those fuzzy ball duster things, threaded on the end of an extension pole, works better at removing spider webs than blasting them with water. although, i’ve never had a machine that puts out volume like the other posters do.

hey thad,thanks for the fast reply.is there a product with hypochlorite in it,or is that a mix you make yourself?.or is that the tech. term for bleach?.i’m new to all this stuff,so any more info would help a lot. sorry for the late reply, and thanks again!

hi jeremy,can you tell me what the “mix” is? also what is f-13 and SH. lots of terms and info i need to learn for sure!. i thought this would be easy. thanks for the help.

thanks for all the help guys,i’m so new to this forum stuff i can’t figure out how to respond to each of your post’s,so i’ll add this last one and wait for you guys to get back to me. first off where is the best place to get these supplys you all recomended?.and what kind of basic mix will work for me. from what you guys say,i better keep my brush in the truck!. also i will loook into the pwra,i’m gonna need lots of schooling!. i have a house on a island to do this summer with lots of tight clinging webs(this place looks like a huge cocoon)so icould use all the expert info i can get!. thanks again i’m very thankfull, sorry for the late reply,i’v been very busy with the good weather this weekend.

Heres one i found 2.5 gallons of 12.5%, 2.5 gallons of H2O, 3 scoops of SC, and 12 oz of f13.

Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in household bleach.

10-4 thad thanks

10-4 thad thanks and have a good one

hi jeremy,thanks a bunch for the info,i will break out the card and order this stuff and make this mix.by the way in my search i saw a x-jet m5, is this the way to go?it looks like it would save a lot of ladder work and time?

Downstreaming with the right tips is the way to go. Call Bob and he will take care of you.

Is 1 scoop = 1 cup?

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Do they not have the scoops with them now? They use to, but may not now. I don’t use simple cherry in prob 2-3 years so I don’t remember what the scoop measurement was. Email bob at pressure tek

my last batch didn’t have one, but I also switched to Freshwash simply because I didn’t like mixing the powder. I still have 10lbs of Simple Cherry left so I want to use it up. Thanks.