Long hose run on big complex

Just got the go ahead on a big new complex but the problem I have is!!

The back of the building has no access for the equipment.
I need to shoot 3 stories and have an 8 gpm 3500 psi Pressure Pro fitted in my van.

Looks like I have 2 choices.

1 Rent a 4 gpm machine and use the water on the back of the building.
2 Run lots of hose and continue to DS from my 8gpm with will give me a faster rinse,

Question is just how much hose can I run from my 8gpm and still hit a low 3 story building? (Just got one Guys shooter tips to use)
I would need about 500 ft from the van to the furthest point.

Advice would be much appreciated from you guys who do this regularly.


I have a weekly commercial gig that requires 400 ft of pressure hose to reach the job. I run an 8gpm machine and have no issues what so ever. You should be fine.

I know a lot will throw a 3-5 gpm injector on their 8 gpm machines with a long hose run, but 500 feet?
Maybe some one will chime in that has had that long a hose run. Best of luck!

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s window Cleaning.

Put the injector between end of hose and gun. Downstream from 5 gallon pail. We run 500 feet like this all the time.

What William said. Move you injector down line as needed to make it work.

Vicurbappeal can you email me a few pictures of your van setup. Building mine as we speak


           Austin Bischoff
  Eco Property Services, LLC  
Myrtle Beach , South Carolina.

Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

Hi Austin,

Its a work in progress just to get working this season,
I will take some photos and post them here,
Lots of Ideas on how to improve it after only two weeks LOL


Haha same here, tough building on a starters budget.

           Austin Bischoff
  Eco Property Services, LLC  
Myrtle Beach , South Carolina.

Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

Its not so much the starters budget but just making sure everything goes in the right place,
I can already see changes I need to make and its going to be evolving over the next few months.
So far I have the

8 gpm Pressure Pro machine with a 125 gallon buffer tank.
2 x 18 inch Summit hose reels 150 ft water , 200 ft pressure.
55 gallon chem tank.
Fat boy bandit on a summit hose reel 200 ft.
5500 W Generator and gutter vac system
2 x 70 carbon window cleaning poles
1 x 45 ft carbon gutter pole
1 x DI system.

Still loads of room left but I need to use it wisely I still need a surface cleaner.


I wasn’t implying you were on a starters budget, just stating i was ha

           Austin Bischoff
  Eco Property Services, LLC  
Myrtle Beach , South Carolina.

Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

No Offence taken LOL
I am just amazed how much space the new van can swallow.


What is a gutter vac system?

Gutter Vac is a big industrial shop vac we use for sucking the gutters out,
God to 4 stories its got 3 motors and we run it from a generator in the van.
Good money as we can get to places others cant.
Light weight carbon pole to suck the gunk through.
We started as window and gutter cleaners and have added Building washing and now pressure washing to our list of services.


So just the regular DS injector for 8gpm that i use with 200 ft, should i just move it down the hose as I add length.
So at 500 ft the DS injestor and Tank would be at the 400 foot mark.



UGH!!! No edit button !!!

Yes, move the injector closer to the gun.

Keep an eye on your mix hitting the surface because the closer you get to the gun, the less diluted the mix becomes.

Typically run 2 SH to 3 H2O through 200 ft would I need to dilute down much from there as the back of the building is not as bad as the front.


Job done…

Machine pulled soap to 400 ft from the van and I moved it injector to the last 100 ft for the last part of the job…

Thanks Guys…