Long driveway

Once again, while doing windows at an upscale log home the customer asked about the driveway. 11’ x 700’, and he didn’t even want the 2000 sq/ft done in front of the garage.

He hasn’t decided yet but I’m wondering if I should attempt this with my cold water and 19” or try and rent a hot water machine so I can get it done first time around.

Also, stupid question but when using hot water, doesn’t the gun get too hot to hold?

When I use my heat, I wear cotton lined dish washing gloves. They are purple. But they insulate well against the heat and have great dexterity. Any exposed metal will get hot, such as couplers and swivel.
Be careful with using hot water around grass, especially careful about laying the hot hose on the grass. Luckily I found this out on my own lawn.

Gun itself does not get hot at all. Hose, connections etc do though

I think if you pre-treat and post-treat with a hot enough mix, you’ll be fine with cold water.

I personally think you need a fresher batch of SH or you need to treat the stuff you’re buying as if it’s 8-10% and not 12.5%.


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Heat will for sure get it done, love heat.

What do you run the temp at on flat concrete?


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Huh, didn’t even think of the hose.

Yeah, it will put a yellow stripe where hose was if it’s laid there too long. Did it one time, then I realized. :grimacing:

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So, when you are using hot water, it’s just a one-pass deal, perfectly clean and that’s it? Ever deal with etching stripes?

One pass, I love heat. No post treatment! Goes a lot quicker to me then cold water, just cuts the grime.


Do you pre-treat?

And what SC are you using?

Yeah, just to kill any organics, have done without, looks same to me. But for customer sake I pretreat to kill all organics. Heat probably does, but…use hw mix.

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19” aluminum WW

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Came out beautiful :+1:

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Seriously jealous. Maybe next year when I get a bigger trailer I can pick you all’s brains and add a hot box.

Man I would be all over that! Might need a few more supply hoses (unless there’s a yard hydrant every 200’). I’d rather run my SC than just about anything, especially for $1400. Get your tips putting out 2750-ish psi, use a strong pre and post. @dcbrock I forget, are you running 5.5 or 8?