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Hey all, Aiden here. I recently got my logos from my guy on Fiverr and wanted to know everyone’s opinions and what you would change/pick because I get unlimited revisions with him. Thanks.

Leaning more towards choosing the top one, looks the best but I also feel things can be changed to make it better. I just don’t know what to do to make it better so I’m reaching out to you guys.

I like the top one the least. :smiley:

I like the 3rd and 4th one but the trigger is upside down on the 4th one.

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Go with the one you like. Most PW logos look the same anyway, a gun and a roofline or a drop of water.

It’ll be your results, uniform, and customer service that sell.


Thanks for your input, that’s what i was thinking. I just wanted to ask here because others seem to have a keener eye than me especially for if a logo is symmetrical, has the right colors, or can work for social media/equipment.

Now that I think about it, you’re right. 3rd seems more neutral in color which will make it handy for using it with anything. I’ll get the gun revised and go with that one.

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The first one is the only mildly original…almost everyone has some version of that same rooftop all over the place. I’d change it to put the “Luxe” where the LPW is and leave “pressure” on the line by itself. Unless you intend on using LPW as a common trade name. Internally we refer to all our brands by the initials, but never with the public. Just know where you’re going with that and adjust accordingly. Guns may look better with j-rods on them instead of that homeowner grade wand tip… :slight_smile:


That’s true, thanks for the critique! I didn’t even think about the jrod, I like the idea and will see if we can get that implemented.

It does sound like a good idea to see “Luxe” and then “Pressure”. I’ll ask for him to make that as the next revision and see which one floats my boat the most. Have a great night!

I agree with @JAtkinson. Everyone has the house or roof pic. Don’t rush it.

Awesome, thanks for your insight. Definitely going through some revisions right now with him.

Agree with the roof & house leave it out

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I will look into that as an option, and have him revise it like that as well, thank you.

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Hi mash,

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LMAO well said.

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sorry about that, it was just seemed like another self serving post with all the pics and the link. Since you removed all that stuff, the post seems more genuine, so I wouldn’t have posted that comment. I willl see if they let me edit it.