Log Cabin Question: Perma-Chinka

I had a client today ask me about giving her a price on washing her cabin. I told her I can but she would have to get it seal after I do it. She tells me to look into Prema-Chinka Log Wash and doesn’t require being sealed after. Have anyone used this product?

This may help.

Have you read through it yet? I couldn’t find where it said it doesn’t need sealed. I could maybe see it if their stain is in good shape. That would mean they’d have to keep up on the maintenance and have it stained or sealed before it has failed.

Log cabin cleaning is a whole different animal. Make sure you have plenty of experience with cleaning different types of wood so you don’t get in a bind. Im.not suggesting you don’t I’m just looking out for you.

Sorry you are right. That what she said. I didn’t know if anyone has ever tried it before.

No I understand and I appreciate it. I’m personally not comfortable with doing log homes but her in WNC we have quite a few. I told her I’d look into it.

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