Lock your truck

Found this guy in my truck the other day…

And no that is not his real face i put emojis over it. He was apprehended within 10 minutes.

I can’t tell you how many times I lock/unlock my truck each day because I have to get something in it but I refuse to keep it unlocked.

Today I was staining a deck. I must’ve hit the remote unlock 15 times. But I keep it locked because of guys like this.

I’ve had construction guys tell me that they’ve had all sorts of tools walk off including a 32’ ladder!

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I am anti-locks. I leave my truck unlocked any time it’s not parked out of sight for hours on end. I figure the statistical probability of someone helping themselves is extremely low, and the chances of major damage or loss are so minor, not to mention possible adverse reactions like accidentally locking the keys in the truck…

Wait, why does this sound familiar somehow?

What sounds familiar?

My “reasoning” for being anti-locks. It’s just a dumb joke :crazy_face:

But seriously, I don’t hardly ever lock my truck except at night.

Right now there’s probably a 50/50 chance I remembered to lock it, and I’m not going to bother to double check. Life is too short, and I need more interesting stories to share with my grandkids. How’s that ever gonna happen, playing it safe all the time? :rofl:

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My trucks stay unlocked and the keys are super glued in the ignition switch so they don’t get lost. Only time I had a truck stolen it was locked and the keys were in my pocket


I don’t usually lock the truck except downtown. It’s one of the reasons i dislike working downtown. That and the lack of parking space. And the crazies.

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