Location of governer spring on GX200

I cleaned the jets on my GX200 and when re-assembling the carb I couldn’t remember exactly where the governor spring should go.

Can anyone confirm if the attached image is showing the correct location for the governor spring?

No, the governor rod and spring should be attached to the carburetor throttle arm. You can’t attach it with the carb installed. You have to pull the carb off and tilt it to the side a little to get the rod and spring through the linkage arm. Be careful installing the spring. When installing you have to keep the carburetor close to the engine the whole time. One spring and rod are installed you then carefully install it back on the engine.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m slightly confused though. They are both attached to the throttle arm in the image?

Hi, thanks for the picture. Do you have an image showing exactly how they connect? It’s hard to see in that photograph. Many thanks

Got it sorted thanks for all your help.

I have no reason to have those images in or around the vicinity of my existence.