Location and Shipment

In just a need of a fee things and i was wondering about your shiping cost to miami…

How do i get the discount?

I added you to the discount group just now so you should automatically get the 5% discount now. You can get the shipping cost to Miami via our website based on what you are ordering. Keep in mind most items are free shipping on orders over $150 just use coupon code ship150 after you enter your address info. If you need shipping quotes to Trinidad and Tobago let me know and we can get you a quote for that as well. Let me know if you need help. Thanks

It should be over $150 and would be shipped to Miami. I see that you are out of stock with the SS 1/4 female quick connects. When would that be available? I need 5 in both male and female, and an flowjet accumulator. Thanks for the quick response.

We have them in stock, I fixed it on our site so you can add them to cart. Thanks for the heads up that it was still showing out of stock

My apologies to Bob, I didn’t realize you asked this question in the Pressure Tek section. If we can help you please let me know. Thad if you want to move this to the Powerwash.com section please feel free.

Bob from PTState or Michael and Trey from [url=http://www.powerwash.com]Pressure Washers Supplies and Power Washing Equipment For Mobile Powerwashers From Powerwash com are both aces and one of the best distributorships in America to deal with. So either way you get to deal with the best:)

Great. I would get on that this week

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Is it 5% at check out or on each item?

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It is off each item but I don’t think you see it unless you are checking out. It does not change the prices throughout the website as you are shopping.