Local Competitor Networking

My closest competitor keeps asking to meet up with him so we can get to know each other. I don’t see any point in trying to network at all with a close competitor. What do you guys think? Any positive or negative experiences?? Thanks!

Hey Adam, he maybe looking for some help, do you have any capacity to help. It could be a win-win.


It’s nice to meet with local guys and be civil. I like being friendly with other washers.I guess it all comes down to your own personal preferences.


Form a cartel


Doesnt hurt to be on a personal level.

Im “friends” with my competition, and have sent jobs to others in my area.

Yes meet with him and do your homework you can learn from another and work together on jobs if the time comes.

I have three local companies that carry my invoices. I send them housewashes all the time. They leave my invoices and I send them checks. They help me a lot. One company, owned by one of my past foreman, just did a months worth of apartments for me.


I can’t imagine not having Josh, another local “competitor”, to call when I need help. My first phone call he told me to call if I need anything and there’s enough work for everyone.

If he asked me to move stuff around to help him out I would to maintain a good relationship. I think good companies should form alliances with good companies. It helps when we gotta push out the bad companies.


In my area we all help each other but we also teach the new guys about pricing jobs. We don’t need any low baller, semi-pro guys driving our prices down.


Get to know him. We have an annual meeting for all the local pw’s that want to come. Works out great. We all have someone to call on if we need help or are too busy.

Just had a conversation with a guy who runs around town w a 2700 psi 2 gpm troy built. He saw my set up which is prob sub par to what u want to attain, i gave him every piece of info i could. He also said he turns alot of work down cuz he is scared to do it. I gave him a few cards and said send them my way and he will get a kick back and told hime that the internet is a valuable tool. Also had a lawn care guy approach me for card cuz he gets asked about ow work and said if he sends me work will i kick him back. Absolutely was my answer. Weather is clearing up soon here in ohio, im ready to get busy!!!


Just messaged @Sharpe recently cuz he is further east of me and is out of my zone that i would be willing to work to send him work…what goes around comes around, not just in this biz but in life haha


Agree have messaged @Sharpe and he’s been a lot of help. We’re in overlapping markets but have no problem sending him work and will definitely be sending him some roof washes as I don’t plan to tackle those in year 1

70 on Friday in Ohio!!!

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Finally!!! Im in akron area. I havent winterized the arctic cat yet and its april…


I don’t have any competition in my direct area. But I have spoken with folks from city’s we service and have general agreements to shoot work to one another! Someday when I’m not busy I’ll sit down for lunch with them and shoot the breeze. Always nice to be on good terms!

I take back this comment! I was at the pool store today (forgot to reorder from my bulk guy) and the gal said “sounds like you may have some competition” come to find out a local painter was in the place looking for an sh supplier. She was telling him all about me and how I buy hundreds of gallons of sh lol… she had his card and I should have taken the number and called them just to chat!

Small town update…

I was just on my lunch break and pulled into the local farm store to get an adapter. Guy pulled up and started talking to me about my setup. He didn’t come right out and say “I own a pressure washing business too”. He asked a bunch of questions then said “oh I have a hot water machine” and it sparked… I asked if he did pressure washing and he said “oh yea”. He indicated that he doesn’t use SH to wash houses and that he has a soap he buys out of Texas that he uses and its safe. I asked him if he used hot water on houses and he said yes… He owned a pressure washing business in FL as well. VERY nice guy! We traded cards and went about our day. I’m just left here confused how he hasn’t messed up siding with a hot water unit?

He said he will never undercut me if someone has a quote from me but I think he may be the one who underbid my nursing home job.

I know I’m digging this up from the grave, but does anyone know of anything like this happening in the PNW area (WA/OR)? Just getting started, and I was checking out the local competition and thinking about reaching out when I get the truck built out soon. I was just going to offer to help and open up some lines of communication, so if you’re in the area feel free to let me know. :smiley:

So, here’s the deal. You gotta a H in Tom. We just aren’t ready to accept that. It’s pretentious. We are humble washing contractors. We are simple people. Lots of us are trying to sound out the extra letter. You kinda intimidate us. We will slowly come to accept you, but it might not be till tomorrow. You are probably a great guy, but your parents saddled you with that moniker and you are just going to have to deal with the perception it presents.