Living in the land of giants :/

Everything is bigger in this neighborhood!

Is that Texas? :smile:

Texas?! There’s only 2 things I’ve heard in Texas, steers and, well I can’t remember the other one ;>)

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You know once upon a time I’d have tried to correct you but with the massive influx of people moving to Texas (mostly from California), I’ll say nothing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Gotta love when people trash your state then flock to it. :rofl: :man_shrugging:

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I’ll be a Floridian till I drop :+1:


I’ve been to Florida man times with the Navy and a few times on my own. Not a place I’d choose to live but I’ve always enjoyed my visits. I will be going back to Tampa and the Keys in August.

Side note: A very good friend of mine is a huge Florida Gators fan and his nephew is now a Junior 2nd String safety on the team. So it’s been fun watching his journey and seeing pictures from practice that aren’t the norm. He went practice squad, to team, to scholarship, to playing some, and now to 2nd string.

That’s awesome he made the team.

Go Gators!


Watch it Coop. You’re playing a dangerous game.

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Just sharing what I heard ;>)

I do like Texas toast, that’s gotta count for something.


don’t be happy about that. Nevada is being trashed by the influx of Ex-Pat Californians.

I was implying I won’t defend Texas as it is also being flooded with people moving there. Same as Nevada it seems.

Because talking it up would encourage that to keep happening :wink:

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If I could talk my wife into I would be there in a heartbeat. I would miss a snowy winter though. Florida would be fine with me too.

Where do you go in Tampa? We’re fans of Clearwater. We’re going to be going somewhere on the Gulf side in August. I want to try and find an area away from the crowds but I know my wife and daughter like the shops. I just leave the planning up to them.

I think we might actually go to Gainesville instead and shack up with @garry.cooper. I’m sure he won’t mind me kicking my feet up in his recliner while wearing my whitey tighties. Especially if I take him for a road trip to Jacksonville for the Brazilian steakhouse.


I’m going to visit a good friend in Ybor I think is where she is. Then going to the Keys to visit the memorial of my longtime best friend/her husband who passed in 2018 from cancer at 40. We served two tours together and I knew him for 18 years.

Brazilian steakhouses are fun and usually good.

Sorry to hear about your friend. That’s horrible. It’s crazy the number of people who get cancer.

I always tease Garry about his all you can eat filet steakhouse. He loves it so much he’d probably trade a kidney for a meal. Actually, he’d probably trade my kidney for a meal.


Heck yeah, you can bunk in one of my boys room for a night out at fogo de chao!

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Awesome… Looks like the wife and I have a babysitter for our kids while we’re there. :smile:

I just looked and we have 3 of those steakhouses up by Chicago. I’m about 3 hours south of there and, don’t get up that way often, but good to know they’re there in case we do. I’d rather go to Florida than to get anywhere close to Chicago though. It’s a whole different world up there and especially politics and/or gun rights.

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If the misses likes steak you’d score major points, it’s an awesome restaurant.


Check out these texas mosquitos

real penny

I’ll stay in Las Vegas! I do not miss the humidity, bugs and bone cold winters of Arkansas and definitely don’t want Alligator Mosquitoes from Texas.

No thank you…

Texas reports highest number of hospitalized coronavirus patients since outbreak began