Little brother has arrived!

Straight from Udor!


So even though I talk about Predators my PWer is a Honda with a Udor gear driven pump. :grin:

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Well it’s not a belt drive, but it’s purdy

How did you get it straight from them? How much was it if you don’t mind? Or pm me

I could have worded that better. I ordered from Dultmeier and it was drop shipped from Udor. It took about 4 days from ordering to delivery but I am on the West Coast too. Total with gearbox was $670 plus shipping. Not cheap but hopefully it lasts a long time.


Nice pump man,congrats :+1:

Link please?

I can’t find that model…I a,so suck on there website

It’s a 5gpm 3500 psi. With my gx390 I expect a bit less but their are multiple techs here that give it good reviews.


Purdy. I like it.


Bookmarked for when my comet dies on me. Thanks

Looks good :+1:

Be sure to clean the shaft and areas with a good solvent, after apply a thin coat of hi temp rtv to the shaft.

Broke a gear reduction housing on an 8gpm Udor, it was a $350 lesson :frowning: