Litter Collector - cool!

Too cumbersome ive had my eye on the BillyGoat for awhile now, but too expensive. It can pick up glass bottles.

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Oh definitely cumbersome!

But I like the creativeness of using a wheelie bin and a clamp system like that!

I’m looking into adding gutters to my pressure cleaning, so I’m doing the hours and hours of research currently.

Seems there are three…

Hand method - slow and potentially dangerous, but cheap.

Blow method - double the work & messy (especially by a pool etc) cheap too.

Vacuum method - no mess, potentially no climbing, but expensive.

With gutter cleaning you will have to do both of these if you do not invest in a vac system, I myself was wondering if reclaim units would be able to be modified to use as a gutter vac, or vise visa, 2 birds 1 stone.

I have a carpet cleaning machine sitting in my shed, when I time gonna play with it to see what I can do.

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Very true.

I’m definitely going to go with vacuuming if I decide to move forward with it.

I’ve researched until my eyes bleed the last few weeks!

A new concept dawned on me earlier…

The vacuums are always on the ground, so a powerful motor is needed to accomodate the large diameter hose and length. That’s where it gets expensive.

Soooo what about reversing it? Get a good blower with vacuum capability. Instead of into the collection bag, replace it with hose down to the floor or wheelie bin.

That way, the power is at the top of the hose instead of the bottom.


When I do gutters I use the first 2 methods you listed, but I do gutters very infrequently, if a customer I already service has easy gutters I will not turn that work away, I have turned a few customers to the gutter vac guy in the area, but a few months ago he serviced a home across the road from where I live and he used a rake and blower??!?!!? and left the vac in the street.

If you were to make a system , I know from experience that the carpet cleaning motors are about $150 a piece 2 of them should create enough suction as that is what is most commercial carpet cleaning machines and I believe they use the same size hoses so long as you have a vessel.

My train of thought was to use my carpet cleaning machine plumbed into a 40gal drum with a removable lid, so that the drum gets filled with the leaves/reclaim. I figure I have everything to make a reclaim system without filtration but would not be suitable for commercial but would work for residential.

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Funny about that GutterVac guy! Ha ha. The franchise for my area has been for sale for years…

Your plan should work. Carpet vacuums are basically what SkyVac and the like use. It sounds like you have a good foundation for taking the next step to doing gutters as a service.

Me on the other hand? My eyes are red and I’m sick of watching gutter cleaning videos for today!

Is there any reason one can’t attach a tube to the ground on one of these?

I’ve used something similar, looked like a homeowner push mower but instead sucked up trash

The most efficient way for me to do gutters is with a leaf blower and a scraper on a pole
For my previous method, I made my own vacuum system: shop vac on the ground, and a pool hose with me on a ladder

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Heres my tip “Drum Vac”.

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You think the hand method is more dangerous than walking around near roof edges with a running power tool?

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No? I said potentially dangerous. The more you do something, the higher the probability of something happening. So I was referring to going up and down the ladder and moving it around different t places.

They all have their dangers, I didn’t mean to indicate one more than the other.