Limestone walkway

I’m assuming this is limestone, as there is a lot of it here in KY.

Did some reading, some people have success with stronger SH, I’ll be using an Xjet.


Definitely not lime stone…some type of slate maybe but not limestone I can 100% guarantee that

It’s flagstone

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Ah cool, flagstone. Apparently a sedimentary rock, so SH probably won’t hurt it? The mortar in between has blackened as well. I don’t know if it’ll hold up to a surface cleaner though.

Sh won’t hurt it but pressure will so go easy. No surface cleaner or turbo nozzle


Perfect, thanks. 4-6% SH, let dwell for 10-15min and hose off with Xjet.

I’ll do a before and after here in a few days.


No sure what the xjet is going to do but a medium pressure nozzle 1000 psi is what we use

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I’ll apply the SH with it, then use it to hose off.

You can put 12.5% SH on it without worries for the stone, but the grass, well it will be toast.

Pressure though - look at the larger stone just north of middle. On the right side you will see a ridge. Hit it with pressure and you will probably see a flat sheet of the stone go flying off.

Looks like a somewhat narrow walkway. Not sure X-jet would be the way to go as the over-spray of chem would be all over the grass.

Personally, I would try light to med/light pressure with hot water first. See how much comes off without chem.

Then using Pump Up, start with a weak SH solution with a good 10-15 dwell and rinse. Ramp up SH strength if needed. The grass is what I would be worried about more than the stone.

I only have a 4gpm and 6% SH. The pool stores closed for the season.