Limestone/ Austin Stone/ Masonry?

Not 100% sure what this is. Ive cleaned what was called “Austin stone” without any huge issues. But it was only single story.
Here are a couple pictures of a job I bid today. It will be the entire front side of the home + some.
Ideas on how to get this clean?
Thinking (aka hoping) a hot Housewash once or twice would knock this out.

If there are similars posts as this 1, link them in and ill read up on them. Thanks!

You prob want to hit it with around 3-4% sh. Theres also some good masonry cleaning products available that might produce better results. A little pressure usually is good on stone but for the higher work thats not really an option Unless you want to use high pressure while on a ladder ( which I definitely don’t recommend) or am extension pole ( which is a huge pain).

Edit: be careful with the landscaping using a hot mix like that. You might be better off using a pump sprayer for those columns where the plants are growing up against them.

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Okay @Clean1 thanks, that is along the lines of what I was thinking. I use 12% so maybe 1gal sh to 1 gal water, 2 oz elomonator DSed rinse and repeat once or twice?

as for the plants, do you think getting those wet before hand would help those puppies out or do you think they still may not stand a chance there?

Have you hit this type of masonry before?

1 to 1 doenstreamed is going to be pretty weak. I use a 10-1 injector and d’s straight sh with surfactant amd it puts me just a little over 1%. This is a job for an x jet or 12 v or a pump sprayer. Definitely pre wet the plants then rinse them off right away.

I can’t say that ive ever cleaned that exact type of masonry before because I don’t know what its made of but most masonry will clean up the same with the exception of things like limestone.

:open_mouth: I’d better snag another box of sh then.

Well thanks for the input. Ill be hitting this one tomorrow morning, we just got approval.
Ive cleaned what was called “Austin stone” before and it was tough. probably 2 rounds of wash/rinse with a bit of pressure before it came off. hopefully a 3rd round of wash/rinse will take place of the pressure that would otherwise help.
I guess we’ll run a low test spot and see if its gonna take.

Sounds like you’ve got a plan. Good luck.

@Clean1 Thanks!