Lighting on rigs for night work

We have tried various lighting set ups when working at night but haven’t found the perfect set up. Individually the guys will use LED rechargeable battery powered headlamps. While the output is really great the batteries simply don’t last long enough. We have tried setting up various lights on the rigs and haven’t found a solid solution there. We are going to try a 100 W led AC LED unit to see how that works for shooting buildings at night. ConRail is using them for rail repair at night. Does anyone have a rig mounted unit that works well for detail work on 3 and 2 story level commercial buildings?

Have you tried the Grote cubes yet?

Grote 63981-5 Trilliant Cube LED WhiteLight Work Lamp : : Automotive

Grote is an old name in automotive lighting and I have heard good things about their LED products.

We haven’t tried those. Have you had good luck with them?

Buy one. Try it. If it doesn’t impress you, I will buy it from you.

They are that good.

Is that for one light? Or do they come in pairs?

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I’ve seen Pete Heon’s light setup at night and it lighted up a dumpster pad area VERY well (LED’s)…maybe he’ll chime in here with the details on it.

Priced per each.

The one I linked to is a flood but they also a wide flood.

They were grote, I bolted them on the ladder rack of my van and powered them to a marine battery in the back. They are basically loader lights, I think they were 200.00 a piece…it’s kind of a pita to move the van around the shopping center as we work though…

Check out investing in a nice Stinger LED flashlight and mounting it onto your wand so that you can see gum through all the steam much easier.

Works really well

LED coon hunting lights for head lamps! Rechargeable and last for 8-20 hours on a single charge. Costly but worth every penny

I bought a metal hand truck. Mounted a super bright LED to it on the handle, I believe it was around 100 watts, and have a marine battery strapped at the bottom of the hand truck.

I was going to mount lights to my trailer, but then I realized I would have to move my rig around just to be able to have light. By using the hand truck I can easily move the light to where ever I need it. Works pretty well.