Life/washing update I guess

So, my wife and I made the tough decision to sell our washing business and jump into a new opportunity. Our vender was wanting to open another store and they were looking in our area; we partnered with them and now we own a exterior cleaning supply store. We sold because we felt their was a huge conflict of interest and it felt morally wrong trying to sell to other washers if I was still washing. We were able to hold onto our business name and we just use them to order parts and chems. We’ve been open for a couple weeks now and things are going great!

A lot of you folks inadvertently helped us get to this point but the knowledge that has been provided on this forum. I still scouring here everyday for information/knowledge.

I woke up and felt inclined to share this with a bunch of “strangers” keep on with the great information and I’ll see you all in here time to time.


Congratulations. Glad to see you had the moral compass to not be a washing contractor and a vendor. Hope you have great success.

Unless you opened an ICE branch, then you suck :slight_smile:

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@Innocentbystander it was a hard decision to make, but in the end it was the right one.

We did not go with ICE, we went with TCHEM Industrial Services out of Kernersville. Appreciate the support!

I’ve been in southern pines for the last two weeks washing. Would have been nice if you bought a store from Diego at MVP

NC must be rife with quality people to work with… @Innocentbystander always raves about Diego, and I’ve met some of the folks from TChem, very solid people as well. Good luck!

@Innocentbystander that doesn’t mean you can’t stop in. I won’t try to Poach you…I mean today we have free donuts and coffee for customers……maybe some cheerwine in the back if I know you’re stopping by.

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And just like that, Diego never heard from @Innocentbystander again. :rofl:


Now that’s funny. Nice one.

Of course he’d need to serve Spam biscuits to really lock him in.


Haha, thanks @Racer. Yep, that would be the clincher!

Well, Diego takes me out to eat every couple of weeks, sends me to the Richard petty driving experience, buys disc golf stations for my cabin and gives me the occasional free engine, but he’s never bought me a cheerwine lol


So you’re saying there’s a chance! Lol

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Also, one of the other life updates I forgot to share.

The wife and I sold our home and just about all of our large possessions and bought a fifth wheel camper and moved into it. We wanted to go to a more simplistic lifestyle. We won’t travel around much since we have the shop, but we have a lot of great RV parks in our county that we will bounce around to.

The housing market was just to hot to not take advantage of it as well, so that help make the decision.