Life expectancy for Honda 630GX

I am currently running a 4GPM/4000PSI set up with a Honda 630GX and Cat pump. Just curious about how long this setup usually lasts.

Change the oil and filter every 50 hours and engine will give you 3500 hours.might have to replace the governor or a coil or two. Coils will put you down an hour. Governor will make you cuss and take 6 or so hours. If you get 100 hours on a cat pump consider yourself blessed.


I run about 10 mobil spray rig with a similar hot water setup except I run Hotsy hotwater burners and pump. I use these cleaning poultry barns. I have some with up to 3500 hrs. Couple have had minor repairs and only one has went completely out. Can’t beat a Honda. Just maintain service and it will do you great. They can’t be put in more harsh conditions than I put them in and they don’t seem to mind it.

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