Lets Talk DS Injectors

So there are a ton of Injectors out on the market. whats your fav…

I like Bob’s fixed injectors but I have had really good luck with the SuperSukers. They draw really well. What about you.

I have mine at the reel, works great.

I have been using Bob’s modified injectors since he started selling them. I never tried a SuperSucker.

The key to effective down streaming is making sure the whole system works together. You need a good injector, a high gpm gun, the right tips. Sometimes you need a jumper hose before the injector to make longer hose runs.

Once you get it fine tuned it makes life soooo much easier.

All I have ever used is Bobs modified injectors also…never tried anything else so I have nothing to compare it to

I have tried the Super Suds Soaker. It worked good for a little while then it quit drawing. For the money spent, I was hoping for it to last a long time. Then I tried Bob’s modified downstreamer. It worked good for about a month then it went bad. So right now I am getting mine from Northern Tools since Northern is convenient for me to get to. They are made by General Pump and they don’t last any longer than the more expensive ones, but they don’t last any less time either.

If I didn’t have a Northern near me and I had to order them online, then I would go with Bob’s modified one over the Super Suds Soaker mainly because the Super SS is not worth the difference in price.

Len, do you rinse them out. My ds from Bob lasted all summer.

i have the one that came with my unit, plus a spare that i bought at the time. no idea what brand they are. what are the benefits of the ones from bob?

Rinsing is key for a injector lasting long. Drop
It in you water tank and run yherw water through for a cpl mins and you good to go. I use maybe 2 injectors a yr.
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I never rinse my ds injector. They last somewhere around 2-3 months depending on the volume of work we have. For me rinsing a ds 2 mins per job is a lot more expensive than the cost of a new injector and fittings. I just purchased 2 with fittings and it came to $55.00.

So to rinse a injector after every job over 2 months would cost me around $70.00 in labor plus running my pw. To Replace the injector costs me under $30.00

How will I know I need to replace my ds injector??

You either won’t draw soap or it will continue to draw soap when you switch to your rinse tip.

I don’t rinse them, and I seem so to go through them every two months or so… I just buy 6 or so at a time, and keep a backup all ready to go in the cab of the truck.

i have found a couple of things that can revive them though…

i always replace the steel ball Bering with a ceramic one… If you use the steel ones, the SH will corrode/pit them. The ceramic ones seem to last forever. Sometimes the little Viton o-ring in the barb will get gummy (from not rinsing) and the ball will stick to the seal ring, so, it won’t draw soap… So, I sometimes will open the barb, make sure the ball is free moving, and if not, remove it, rinse it, and spray “Goo Gone” into the barb on the oring, rinse etc. Then it’s good to go.

also, I’ve had the venturi insert come completely loose/unthreaded… This is the threaded insert in the main body of the injector, not in the barb. It is usually tightened with a small Allen wrench… Just make sure it’s firmly tightened…

also, I have had issues with the filter that is at the draw end of the hose… The SH will corrode the metal screen, or other metal parts of the filter- especially if there is a steel ball check valve… It will rust shut, and the injector won’t draw… Just use the plastic ones, no metal check ball… And make sure there are no other obstructions like trash caused by disintegration of the filter clogging itself… Just buy a bunch of the plastic filters, inspect periodically and replace when suspect…

i also tried then super suds sucker, and it did not last but two months… Way too expensive to replace at that rate…

You have come far Grasshopper…

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I use my soap tips to rinse so i just drop my line in the water tank.

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please tell someone how can i replace my injector? Because now i getting bored from my previous injector so please help.

get set up with a jrod from Pressure Tek. Than you can switch between soap and rinse tips without having to go back and forth to your pressure washer. You will also find that the rinse process goes much faster with the right tips for rinsing. I would guess that if you started using a jrod with the right tips for your machine you could save 10-15 minutes per house wash.

I have been using the JA-93 for years, down stream injectors. I used it with up to 300’.

Depending on what is run through it rinsing is very important. Since we normally use it for aluminum brightening rinsing is always important.

Here is a video I made a while back on how to use an a down stream injector and what will cause it not to work.

[video=youtube_share;4woFQH8raCQ]How to Use a Super Downstream Injector for Pressure Washing - YouTube